Thursday, October 28, 2010

More of Grandparents.

Sawyer and my Dad have this special bond. You could call it their "man" time or their "special" time, whatever you call it, it's there and Sawyer knows it. Our very first day at Grandpa K's house, Sawyer climbed on top of the counter and pulled out the blender, insisting that Grandpa start mixing up strawberries! I won't lie, I appreciate Sawyer's cuteness with it all, it saves me from begging him to make them. ;)
I love all of these pictures of Sawyer's face. He's just so excited! He had these for breakfast and dinner nearly every joke!
We also got to spend an evening with Grandma and Grandpa Wall at Uncle Kelly's house. There's so much to play with there and the boys stay entertained the whole time (that's why you won't see Sawyer in these pics...he was 'busy').
Sorry about that pen Andrea! I guess Ruger was digging for something. Ruger loves his Grandma Wall...they're both pretty silly together.
I love seeing Natalie...she's about as close as I will ever get to having a baby girl. haha.
And Andrea...running from the camera again. Andrea and I grew up of friends all through childhood....and THEN...I introduced her to Jason's brother Kelly...and before you knew it we became SISTERS! I love it when life works out that way!
OK, now I'm off to clean my house, because we are getting new windows today!!! I'm so excited!


shareenspace said...

Your boys are so doggone cute! I can't get over Sawyer getting out the blender! I loved all the pics! Counting the days till next Thursday! Love you!

Kim said...

Love all the pictures, but nothing tops Sawyer hamming it up for strawberry shakes. How cute is he??? I just want to hug him through the computer!

Greene Family said...

Love Sawyer's excitement in those pictures - too cute! Ruger is such the cutie too! How awesome that you childhood best friend became your sister! It looks like a fun visit with family!