Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip to Shriners

 This weekend was a crazy one. We headed to Salt Lake for Sawyer and Remi's annual checkup. Both checked out well. Thankfully no surgery for Sawyer again this year. Whew! And Remi's back is a little out of shape, but with therapy it should work itself out. The doctors were so wonderful once again. I was sad to hear that we had missed seeing my old doctor by one day, maybe next year?

They always spoil the kids when we visit this hospital. This time the boys walked away with bags (literally) of goodies and activities and they were all covered in stickers by the time we left. Just goes to show that there are really good people in the world.

 After our long visit was over, we had lunch in the cafeteria because the kids were so hungry they couldn't wait to drive somewhere else. Yum. ;) Here's Remi using a high chair just like a big girl! Can you believe it? Sheesh time flies!
 We stayed at Aunt Carlin and Uncle Troy's, where I saw very littke of the boys because they were being enteretained by all of their wonderful cousins. :) Thanks guys!
 The next day we headed to Boise to see more family and then back home. It was a great getaway and good to get caught up with everyone. Also very grateful to have been away from home when the snow hit. I was not about to put my flip flops away. haha.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nine Months

Have you EVER seen such a cute baby? Oh she's delicious! And I can't believe she is already nine months! Oh, oh, oh she's growing way too fast! In this picture above she is playing with her tongue. I know all babies do this. It's one of my favorite things about this age because they are just so fascinated with such little things.

She's also discovered all of her fingers. In her left hand above she's touching each finger with her thumb, one at a time. I don't remember my boys doing this, but she does it all the time. :) Oh, she's just so yummy. Isn't she?

So, this was her Easter dress. I didn't get pics done because we were running late, as always. So today, even though she wasn't feeling well, I took her outside and snapped about 100 photos. :) We had a lot of fun though, I think she really enjoyed the fresh air. She started sitting up this month. It took her awhile to find her balance because of her teeny tiny legs, but she's mastered it and loves it!

 Hello mama! Are you done with this photo shoot yet? I really want to go take my nap! :)

And here she's telling me that we're done! She crinkles her nose and yells at me when she's had enough. Remi is a really great baby. She doesn't cry very much, she just sort of talks in a very demanding voice when she wants something and she makes that face (the one up there) yes, she makes that very face when she wants something! So so cute!
We bought her a baby doll for Easter (the one in the last post). She likes it, but if there's a transformer around she will totally ditch the doll for a Bumblebee. Oh, those brothers!

Yummy yummy girl! I love you so much and can't believe how much you've changed our lives!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I think that with our random snow falling last week, that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus got a little confused. It seems to me as though these Easter baskets were a little more full than usual...hmmm..
Remi received her first baby doll and she loves it!
 The boys each got new bikes because they had outgrown their old ones. For some reason Sawyer was given a horn with his, I'm thinking the dog will get a hold of it soon and it will be really sad...maybe?
 And the night before Easter Ruger lost TWO teeth! Can you believe it? He was so excited! He asked me to start wiggling his other teeth. lol! He didn't even remember that it was Easter, he flipped his pillow over so fast looking for the money from the tooth fairy. I love it! This kid is hilarious! He's never excited about what we think he will be. And what does he plan to buy with his money? Well, popcorn of course! Ha!
We woke up really early (5:30) so Jason could celebrate with us! He had to work. bleh. So all of my pics are a little dark, sorry about that. It was a great day though and the best part was when we asked the kids why we celebrate Easter? They answered, "Jesus". :) I love watching them learn and grow. They are absorbing so much right now, I can hardly keep up with them!
So, there you have it! Happy late Easter!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


A lot of things have been changing around here. Husband got a promotion! The oldest boy is about to loose 2 teeth (if he'll ever let me pull them). The middle child is using the "adult" potty, as oppose to his little potty. And the baby girl, well she's sitting up and has discovered her tongue in all it's glory! :)

It's also spring break and every single one of us has come down with a major head cold. Aren't those the worst? I mean really they just last forever! Ugh.

 I saw a quilt tutorial (smaller version) like this over on Allison's blog and for some reason I found a whole lot of motivation and started just cuttin' away! I haven't made a project this quickly in so long and it felt so good! :) I love, love, love the pink! It's so refreshing in the spring time!

Roni will be here in 24 days and I'm a little bit excited! So excited in fact, my children are counting down the days with me. :)

Oh, and I updated a few things here on the blog, not sure if you noticed?!

Also, my shop has changed! I know this took me forever to do, but you can link to it on the sidebar or here! And to celebrate all of this change, for the next little while I'll be offering free shipping on all orders over $20! Yay! Just enter the code "change".

Happy Tuesday!