Thursday, December 27, 2012


I can't even begin to express my gratitude towards those who helped set up this amazing fundraiser and also those who were so generous to bid on all of our items. We were able to raise
for these wonderful families.
I have listed below the winning bids for each item. Some of you didn't leave email addresses so I will need you to email ME ( so I can get you your prize. I will email everyone else directly with instructions on your payments and prizes.
Thank YOU all again! This means so much to me and I can't even begin to express my gratitude. For the first time I was able to experience first hand how wonderful this quilting community really is and how blessed I am to be a part of it. I love all of my friends so much who contributed and will forever be indebted to them! Thanks again and WAY TO GO! I'm so excited to get this money into the Emilie Parker Fund!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fundraiser for victims in Connecticut

Are you feeling as helpless as we are about this tragic shooting in Connecticut? My hands are literally shaking as I type this and consider all of the emotions that those parents could possibly be feeling about the loss of their sweet little angels. This incident hit a little close to home for my family, as it was right next door to my brother who lives over there.

A few of  his ward members attend Sandy Hook Elementary and one little girl in particular lost her life. Her father, Robbie Parker,  spoke out about the shooting with a heart open only to love. Monday morning, my sweet, sweet brother Brett was interviewed on Good Morning America, along with two other religious leaders. All three of whom, have inspired many of us to be a little better.

Last Friday morning, before I heard about the shooting, my mind was focused on my children. I was worried that they were going to be discouraged  on Christmas morning, because I had only bought a few of the items on their list. When I came home and watched the news, I listened as one sweet mother spoke about her little angel wanting a horse for Christmas and how they had purchased cowboy boots for her. Suddenly my mind took a little perspective on things.

I've been watching my brother and his family mourn with their friends from afar and my heart is so saddened. It was only a few years ago, that my little town was mourning the loss of a sweet angel too. All I can think, is that Heavenly Father must really need these tender and ambitious Spirits on the other side to help with the work load.

I've gotten together with several of my friends. We have put together an auction here on my blog. We are hoping that all of you might be willing to help us raise some more funds for these sweet families??? Every single penny earned here will go directly to the Emilie Parker Fund. This fund was originally established to just help Emilie's family, but her family has decided to divide up all the money with each of the families affected by this horrific tragedy. So you can rest assure that all of your money will be helping each family of these victims:

Charlotte, Daniel, Rachel, Olivia, Dylan, Chase, Dawn, Jesse, Ana, James, Grace, Anne Marie, Emilie, Jack, Noah, Jessica, Avielle, Lauren, Mary, Victoria, Benjamin, Joshephine, Madeleine, Catherine, Caroline, and Allison

We have listed items below and each item is priced lower than what you would purchase at retail. To bid, all you have to do is place your bid in the comments section. The bidding will end in one week, December 26th at 4:00pm.

Please leave your email address with each bid in case we need to contact you. We will have a paypal account set up specifically for winning bids, but if you'd like to directly donate, we are encouraging that you do so to the Emilie Parker Fund.

Also, here is a list of the participating designers and friends thus far (we have a few more coming):

Amy Hamberlin of Kati Cupcake Designs
Amanda Herring of The Quilted Fish
Bonnie Olaveson of Cotton Way
Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms
Jina Barney and Riley Blake Designs
Melda Johannes of Lilly Belle Designs
Roni Poston my best friend forever
Shelley Stanley my sweet friend
Tiffany Jenkins of Tiny Seamstress Designs (me)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We'll call this one "Yogurt Face"

I walked in the kitchen the other day and found this:
Her brother had given her some yogurt to be nice. And she decided to take a bath in it.
Isn't she adorable? I sure think so.
I was a little frustrated at first, because it was right before bed and I had already bathed her.
But as her luck would have it, she got a second bath and she was thrilled!
Once she realized I was taking pictures, she offered a sweet rendition of,
"Where is thumbkin?" That's why she's pointing her fingers. ;)
Love you Rem and your silly brothers too!!