Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

I think this year was my favorite year for Halloween so far! The boys are at that age where all activities are "super fun" and they have an opinion on everything. Our day started with a little bit of pumpkin carving. Here you will see Ruger telling Dad exactly how you carve a jack-o-lantern. Ruger wanted it a very specific way, so we were careful to follow those instructions.

Three triangles and a few sharp teeth were exactly how he pictured it.
THEN we put our costumes on...are you ready? OK, we had a family theme going at first where everyone was going to be a character from Scooby doo, but then Sawyer protested and we weren't going to force him to dress up as Scrappy. So he went as Thomas...oh my cuteness! Can I just say that Sawyer scored extra goodies by batting his eyes and shoving Ruger out of the way. What a guy!
And then there was our super-friendly and very polite Shaggy. He said, "Thank you!" after every piece of candy and didn't reach in the bowl for more...(ahem, Sawyer). This costume was not as easy as Thomas to put together. We couldn't find the appropriate color of green t-shirt and the hair, well, this wig was a close as we were gonna get....but he was thrilled and wore it with pride to every single carnival and event! Thanks for making all our pants Roni!
I had made my boys halloween totes to use for this year, but Ruger thought the McDonalds bucket was way better, so we went with those. We walked about 1/4 mile before the kids were exhausted and then we went home where they seemed to have more fun handing out candy. A great way to wrap up a fun week!


Caden and Mommy said...

Love the costumes! Good for you for picking your battles, ie, letting Sawyer be Thomas and Ruger using the Mc D's bucket. :)

Alex said...

love the costumes! Hahaha...we have those Mc D's buckets too.

Greene Family said...

Love the costumes! I would have given Sawyer a whole bag of candy when he batted his eyes - he's adorable! Glad you guys had a fun Halloween!

Jaime said...

Hi there, I just found your blog through Alex's. I'm Jaime and I have two girls. Caitlyn is 5 and has achon and Hanna is 17 months and average height.

I love the costumes! I hear ya on picking your battles!

Looking forward to following your blog - I hope that you'll check mine out.

Kim said...

OH my goodness! I just LOVE the costumes. They came out great! And I know the McDonald's bucket you are speaking of! How cute that Ruger explained how he wanted his jack o lantern----I know another certain boy who is very specific on his wants! I just noticed-on your mantle is Sawyer wearing a Yankee hat? I did not know if it were possible for me to love him more!