Monday, June 18, 2012

11 Months

Remi, I'm not sure how we got all the way to 11, almost 12 months!?! You have grown up right before my very eyes. This month was a big one for milestones. You have learned your way around the house with your "army" crawl and sometimes I can't find you. Like today! One minute you were in the sewing room and the next minute you were in the living room crawling through the boy's tunnel. Seriously, the cutest thing ever!

 You started signing this month. The first sign you made was for "more" when you saw Roni eating a candy bar and then you did it again later that night in the bathtub when you wanted me to turn the water on. You also sign "daddy" and you say, "da-da" all the time and I am "na-na". You've caught on to clapping when you're excited, rather than just when we're doing pat-a-cake. You nod your head for "yes" and "no". And my favorite is just this last week when you started dancing to music. You wiggle your body and bop your head.

People always stop to play with you and talk to you in public and you just hide your head in our shoulders and act super shy.

You are eating a lot these days. Which is good, maybe we can jump to the 15% this month. ;) You love watermelon and canteloup and squash and all things fruits and veggies, except for strawberries. You just spit those out. And when you want something you've learned to crawl to my feet and grab them (and once you bit me!). You are super flexible and can bend your body from back to front with out bending your legs. When you don't get what you want you throw yourself on the floor and cry and then we laugh cause you're just so darn cute!

I seriously can't believe that you are almost ONE! I have loved these past 11 months more than anything. You and your brothers are the best thing that have ever happened to me and your daddy! We love you so, so much shortcake!