Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring Collection 2014

I've learned that showing my new patterns only gets more and more intimidating every season! I don't know why, but it really does. I would hope it would get easier, but I suppose easy is just wimps right? ;) Without realizing it, I noticed that many of my patterns came together as inspiration from  the interests of my children. While it may not appear so, these patterns are completely inspiration from the world around me. So with that said here they are...
Happy Day describes itself in the title. This sweet novelty has become a close favorite to my some of my others. This was sketched on one of the brighter days here in our cold, winter town and on that day I felt such bliss and happiness! April Showers by Bonnie and Camille really gives it a fun look! AND it only uses 2 fat quarters per square!
Baby Mine began as just a quick project. I was certain that it's simplicity wouldn't be attractive to others, but on a whim I introduced it on my IG account (@tinyseamstress) and realized it was more than I gave it credit for and I was super excited to finally get some Madhuri by Quilted Fish in my hands to whip one up! That sweet quilt is coming home with mama after market!
Savvy is pretty snazzy don't you think? I was soooo intimidated to take on this project, but was so thrilled when it finally turned out SIX bags later! I know what you're thinking...holy crap! The zippers are my favorite part, because when they unzip your bag extends THREE inches on each side! And there are so many options with this bag...lots of pocket choices and various handle lengths, etc. And DO NOT be intimidated by those zippers. I am not a zipper person and I can safely say that these are pretty simple to install! I call these bags the Amy & Amanda bags because the fabrics are designed by 2 of my very favorite designers in the whole world. The top bag is Sweet Harmony by Amy Hamberlin and the bottom bag is Lula Magnolia by Amanda Herring.
Frozen is one that came straight from the kiddos! I left that darn theater seeing snowflakes for the next 3 weeks and then on top of that I live in ice central and so this fun design was created. A few of my sweet testers used fabrics with various prints on them and they are super adorable as well! I'll have to share some of those later to give you some other perspectives. This quilt is a perfect twin size. These fabrics are just a mix of Moda solids. And I won't lie, it's  fun one to make!
Petals is my favorite design this season. I feel like it's a great way to celebrate the little girl in my life. Initially I designed the flowers to hang on the ceiling in Remi's room (photos to come), but then the idea went a little further with the basket and garlands. I don't know about you, but I think this would be a really cute "enchanted" birthday party theme for a little girl!
And just as a bonus, that basket has been used as her Easter basket for the last 2 years and she just loves it. She carries it for weeks after, until I sneak it away for the next year. This pattern is SUPER simple and pretty quick to make, so don't be intimidated at all! It's made with fusible fleece, fabric, and a little bit of cardboard...crazy right? I've worked on it for 2 years to get it as simple as possible and I think you're just going to love it! Most of the fabrics are Sweet Harmony by Amy Hamberlin.
Planes is another "child obsessed" inspired quilt. My boys love planes! Also a very simple design and quick to put together. No sashing or borders, just blocks and a few of your favorite fabrics! It's a little bigger than a baby quilt and is perfect for that little man in your life to drag around the house. :)
Fabrics are Speedster by Riley Blake Designs.
Patterns will be listed in my shop sometime this week after all of my printing and folding and stuffing is complete! I'll keep you posted! But for now...thanks for your patience. I am just returning from market and can hardly keep my eyes open! :) 

Photography by my sweet friend Beth Feigner.