Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shiny Things!

Sooo....I bought some shoes. At Payless (thank you Christine for your suggestion). Ruger said, "Those are beeeautiful!" So I had to get them.
And then the lovely Sarah, from LuShae Jewelry sent me this and I am loooving it! I tried to take a picture of mine, but it turned out really blurry. I love this symbol. I asked for this one for Mother's day! ;) Go check out her'll love it!
And this was the final piece that I was waiting for...
to put on this...
I was going for the whole Tiffany & Co. look. I'm not sure I mastered it, but even so, I'm enjoying the chains.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I can't buy it if I can't reach it!

I love Target. I do. Partially for their wonderful popcorn deal that keeps my children entertained for the entire shopping trip and also because they have great stuff. Am I right?
NOW, I understand that you can't please everyone, but sometimes you can, especially when it's flat out logical! For example, I'm shopping for shoes...I'm in DESPARATE need of shoes. And I find an adorable pair staring me right in the face. So, naturally I bend down to grab a pair in my size and to my DISMAY I'm seeing 10-12's. As I continue to scan the rack, I discover that the 5 & 6's are on the very top rack---like 3' above me.
Any normal person would have walked away or even thought to ask a clerk for help, but I was frustrated and when I get frustrated I don't think straight. So with one foot on the bottom rack and the other foot climbing the shopping cart, I am able to pull the box just enough, jump down and still manage to catch the shoes. And well, they don't fit.
I continued on down each aisle looking at all of the adorable shoes, but guess what? I didn't try anything else on because I was so discouraged with their wait, that's a lie. I did try on another pair IN THE KIDS size was on the bottom there, but I was a little blinded by the sparkles, so I didn't buy those either.
So my point is that typically shorter people wear the smaller shoes and taller people wear larger shoes, so wouldn't it make sense to put the smaller shoes on the bottom?
I'm just saying...

Workin' Hard.

There's a whole lot of hard work going on around here. My three guys are hauling wood, moving furniture, and riding in "dada's twuck." All in preparation for a little basement renovation... finally (listen closely and you will hear me inhale aaaand exhale).

And me? Well I'm just keeping the femininity alive in this household. A lovely package recently arrived from Westminster fabrics and I just can't seem to dive in quick enough. Isn't it gorgeous? Love, love, loving this little seamstress life of mine! Oh, and that secret project will makes it's debut soon. It's not quite what I had anticipated...but is anything ever what we anticipate? Happy Sewing!

I almost forgot, Yes! I did buy the coat! I'm so happy you all like it! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's My Birthday...Post. general, this week has been pretty darn fantastic. Jason and I made some pretty important decisions about our future, which I can't wait to share and there were several super-incredible packages that arrived...thank you! I will share some of that love later. For now, please allow me to share with you my fantastic day! We first drove to see Grandma and Grandpa K.When we arrived at Grandma's house we noticed that she had still not filled these lovely, ginormous pots. So, we filled them for her.
After that my mom and I headed out for a shopping celebration, which left a minor dent in my checking account. I had to call in the troops on decision making. Here's a sample of the snap-shots Roni received throughout the day. My closet has gone steadily down hill since my last baby, so this shopping trip was absolutely necessary. Happy Bday to me!
After that, we headed on over to Grandma and Grandpa Wall's for a smashing party. There was dinner and DQ ice cream cake (my fave) and a pinata! The boys loved it! And by boys, you know I mean Jason?
And to top it all off, I settled in with a little blogging, only to find this. How perfect can a birthday get? I'm super lucky to have all of these crazy, wonderful people in my life!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's a mom to do?

My little baby just seems to be growing up. I mean, it was just yesterday (literally) that he wouldn't eat anything but pb&j and now he's eating a turkey bagel just like daddy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My not so secret, super-secret project!

I love secrets and I absolutely hate keeping them...but sometimes if I have to, I'll keep quiet, but in this case I don't have to do anything I don't want to. I have been searching high and low for all of the right materials to make this little project for market and it has all finally come together. It's almost finished, but I wanted to show you a little glimpse of it. You'll probably piece it all together in no time, but just in case you don't...stay tuned I'll be showing it soon...I have just one more piece I'm waiting for! ;)
It's definetly a "Tiffany" project!