Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Isn't this bag just FABULOUS? I came up with the design one night while hanging out with my mom. She had on this shirt with some stellar cuffs and I thought, "Hey, that'd make an awesome bag!" One week later, this is what came out of it. This bag is so versatile, it's rediculous! The collar of the bag buttons up for more space and security, it folds all the way down into almost a clutch size bag, or you can do half up and half down (as shown) just for looks. I love it, especially the ruffle pocket! $75 I'm also introducing these little diaper packs. You can use them to organize your diaper bags, purses, or whatever. Perfect for diapers and wipes, or crayons and a notepad. They can be made to match any of my bags. $13 with the purchase of a bag or $17 without.