Monday, September 29, 2014

Find Your Lula 2014

     This past year has been say the least. Business has been rough, my mind has been lost and all of my creativity has felt incomplete. This has rubbed off into my personal life as well. I won't go into details, because I'm sure it's happened to all of you in one way or another. I didn't know what to do. I would walk circles in my studio not knowing where to start, or if any of it was even worth it. Especially when comparing myself to other designers, I felt like I couldn't make the cut (BTW, don't EVER do that!).
     Last year I had thought a lot about attending Lula, but I didn't. Because it cost money. I felt like that was selfish. Then again, this year I thought the same thing. But my husband (the good man that he is) said, "You should go!" And I said, "OK!"
     I packed my bags and headed to Park City. I knew a few of the people from Quilt Market, but not very well and I was mortified. You know, like first day of high school mortified. What if everyone thinks I'm a loser and doesn't talk to me? What if I have to eat by myself? What if I don't catch on in class and they all roll their eyes at me? What if Pink Fig thinks my business is lame or what if the shop owners stop buying my patterns because I'm so crazy? SELFISH THOUGHTS!
     So about 15 minutes into the retreat I realized that this just wasn't going to be scary at all. This was a very safe place, where we could express our emotions and our struggles and everyone pitched in to lift us up. Everyone had stories JUST LIKE MINE! They had fears and struggles just like I did and we together as a team were there for each other. We built each other up and at the same time we had teachers who were so incredibly SELFLESS with their skills and taught us so many secrets and talents that we really need for our careers. We had cooks and staff there to make sure we were eating so well and keeping our minds and bodies alert and happy! There were designers, authors, a magazine owner, and Amanda Herring who were there to lead us and guide us! They helped us find a new beginning for our paths and now via the internet we are all able to keep in touch and continue to feel inspired and be supportive!
     I have to blog about this, not just to tell you all about it, but to remind myself next year, to go again! THIS WAS SO WORTH IT! Don't just go for the amazing gifts/swag (because OH MY WORD...THE SWAG!!!) or the fancy dining or the great classes, go for the lifetime of new friendships, the support, love, and inspiration from others just like YOU! Just go to find yourself all over again.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Photography 101

This past week I spent a few days at an event called Find Your Lula. I attended this event in hopes of learning a few skills. Never could I have possibly have imagined all the greatness that I gained in such a short amount of time. I established life long friendships, a new found confidence in myself, a love for creativity and people, as well as many other things which I will touch on in another post.
One of the courses taught at Lula was photography. I learned so much in just a few short days with Kristen. I still have a ways to go, but I am so grateful for all she taught me.
 Does my shadow make me look tall? ;)
If you are looking for a life changing experience or maybe even just a reboot, check out Lula! You won't be disappointed!