Sunday, June 26, 2011

Workin' hard for a train.

My boys have been begging for new trains for the last two months. Ruger has been dying to get a "Spencer" train and Sawyer just wants whatever Ruger wants. So Jason told them that if they would help clean up the rocks in the backyard, then they would go and get their trains. We have a complete overload of river rock in our backyard, left from the previous owners and for the last 5 years, we've been cleaning it out slowly...a work in progress, but worth it. Oh, and if you'd like some it's free!
 So Ruger worked hard all day, I mean all day. He loaded up two wheel barrow fulls and was such a trooper. I was so pleased with him.
 Sawyer? Well, he took a bit more motivation. He was having too much fun goofing off. We went to the toy store that night to get Ruger a train. We explained to Sawyer that if he picked up his share of rocks that he could get a train as well. So later that night he went out with dad and worked pretty darn hard. He picked up almost everything and then woke up bright and early to finish his pile the next morning. Then he earned his train, "Patchwork". He picked that one because it was every color of the rainbow I guess. :)
 And well, this is me. Two weeks to go! We had a scare a couple of weeks ago. I was excited thinking I'd have a baby, but instead was sent home and put on bed rest. Blah! Thank goodness for wonderful parents on both ends for coming and taking care of my wild bunch. It was really great to be able to spend Father's Day with my Dad here. That hasn't happened in years because we live far away, so I was pretty happy about that! I'm sure he was too...HA! The pic above was taken last week; my husband says I'm much bigger now and so does my wardrobe. We're pretty excited to have some girliness around this house!