Saturday, November 28, 2009


For the first time, we hosted Thanksgiving at our house with Jason's family. We had lots of fun, lots of food, and little black Friday shopping! What more could you ask for? We were even able to sneak in a quick family shot before the boys lost their patience. I'm so grateful for this little family of mine. They keep my super busy and a little crazy.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm a fan!

When Ruger was a baby he didn't really like car rides or going to sleep in his crib. I had purchased Carrie Underwood's first album and was listening to it in the car when I noticed that he had stopped screaming and shortly after that he'd fallen asleep. At first I was certain it was all about my timing, but then time after time he would just stop crying and listen to her. One time he was playing in the family room and she came on TV, he climbed into the laundry basket on the floor and just sat and watched until she was done singing. People never believed us when we said her music could calm him down--they'd be shocked to see that she was indeed our saving grace his first two years of he doesn't really care who's on the radio he's going to do what he wants, but occassionally he'll sing along.
For this reason I will always be a Carrie fan. I was going to purchase her new album, but was given strict instruction via text to just be patient. On Saturday Play On arrived in the mail with some seriously good treats. We spent the rest of the day in the kitchen cooking and dancing to "Undo It!"
Thanks Roni!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Benson and Claire

I remember when I was 10 years old and my parents and I were still debating my future with ELL surgeries. I was sitting by my mom in the bathroom while she was fixing her hair and I asked, "How will you pay for it?"
She responded by saying, "We'll sell the house if we have to."
For some families, selling their home just won't cut it. When I read this story I couldn't stop myself from tearing up and I've watched this auction go for the past few days and have been blown away by people's generosity. Just as I was when we raised money for Shriners...those little $5 donations added up quickly! These children need help and the strength of a community to get them through, so stop by and donate if you can or bid if you're looking for a super cute quilt--its the same one I'm working on right now...I love it! I don't know this family personally and I don't know Camille either (I just stalk her ;), but I think they could really use our help.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Team Work!

Around here the only way to get stuff done, is by doing it together. We finished the living room, the boys bedroom, and now we're on to our bedroom! The boys are helping with the texturing here. They love helping daddy!

And then a couple of Halloween shots for the Grandmas!