Friday, January 23, 2009

It's A GiveAwaY!

OK ladies, I've been holding off on this for too long now and just can't wait any longer! So let's give something away... The goal in this giveAway is to get as many referrals to my blog as you can. You will get 1 point just for leaving a comment and then an additional 2 points for every person that you refer, they just have to mention your name in their comment.
If you link me to your blog or do a post about me you get an additional 2 points as well... does this make sense?
I will do my drawing ONE week from today and there will be TWO prizes given away! The first prize will be...

This lovely handbag (which by the way is jam packed with pockets).
And the second place prize will be a...
$15 gift certificate
to use on any of my bags!
So... Let the games begin!
*Remember to leave your blog address so I can see your posts and links.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

From the Designer...

Hello Friends! You have all been so wonderful and patient with me this week and I want to Thank You for that. I know some of you have been a little worried, so I just wanted to let everyone know that for
Sherelle's Readers
you will have until Friday Night at Midnight to get your orders in.
Also, please know that the smaller Glamorous bag is the same design as the Jumbo Glam's about half the size and price. And....I only have three bags left in the black and's first come, first hurry while you can!
You are so wonderful and I hope that you are all very happy with your orders!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jumbo Glam Bag

For Christmas my best friend, Roni gave my some of my favorite fabrics! She really knows how to make a seamstress happy. So of course, I had to make myself something that was just simply delightful. What else could a girl do? So this is what I whipped up! It's a jumbo sized glam bag. There is so much room in this baby and I love the abstract colors most of all (I know that's not everyone's taste, but it really suits my fancy). This design is available in these fabrics, as well as others. Email me for prices.