Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lessons I Have Learned In My Short Life

I don't know about you, but the hardest thing about blogging for me is putting myself out there. My biggest insecurity is the one thing that people seem to want to know the most about. I try and deter people with flashy handbags and my snazzy cut off jeans, but it doesn't seem to be working very well. ;-) Enter... my new series, Lessons I Have Learned In My Short Life.

During each lesson we will discuss questions, situations, past-times, or really anything to do with being short and having children who are also living a "short life." I hope this helps those parents out there who have so many questions about their new miracle that's been diagnosed with Achondroplasia. Or at the very least, maybe it will just help my children help their children.

So, here we go...

Lesson #1: This world isn't going to adapt to me and so I will have to adapt to the world.

All through grade school I was proud to be small, and I do mean PROUD! But then junior high came. I remember that first week so vividly. I was a mere 4'3" tall. I could barely reach a sink faucet, let alone the shelf in my locker. Heaven forbid the school burn down and the whole junior high rely on me to pull the fire alarm...I wouldn't have been able to do it! This was one of the first times I became truly frustrated with being short.

As the year progressed, I would notice my legs losing circulation from sitting in my desks all day without my feet touching the ground. People who know me well, know that I still prefer to sit on the ground anyday, as opposed to sitting in a chair. And as Sawyer grows up I've noticed him doing the same. He struggles to even sit in his booster seat for too long before his legs start to hurt.

One of the hardest things was standing in lines at the movies waiting for snacks or at the grocery store or even the school office! People wouldn't notice me or they'd think I was with the adult next to me. I would wait forever until they noticed me or I'd just leave because I was too embarrassed to speak up. There was a time like this when I realized that people weren't going to change just for me! If I wanted to be noticed then I had to change. Whether that meant using my voice or spiking my hair, something had to change.

That's when I began to consider having my legs lengthened.

The summer between junior high and high school I remember some sort of transformation in my mind. I'm not sure entirely what happened but I became determined to have my legs lengthened. I was so tired of being so small in such a huge environment. I had anxiety about learning to drive, going to dances, getting a job, etc. I spent the summer at my brother's house in Connecticut when I said to my sister-in-law, "I want to have my legs lengthened, but I don't think mom and dad believe me." She came up with an idea. Oh and was it ever a great idea! We sat down together and made the list, "20 Reasons Why I Want to be TALL!"

I showed it to my parents when I returned to Idaho and then I mailed a copy to my doctor in Salt Lake City, who was also hesitant. I waited...and waited...and waited a whole TWO weeks for him to respond. And when he didn't? I sent another letter with, "20 More Reasons Why I Want to be TALL!" I had my parents convinced, but more importantly I had to convince the one man who could actually perform the operation. Within the week, he had sent his response.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 For Remi's ONE year birthday we had a strawberry theme, because she's our little shortcake! She loved everything, except the cake. Apparently, she's not really a cake fan. Luckily, we had lots of other goodies for her.
 Remi you are all smiles, all the time. You make everyone smile! Your still as petite as ever, with the mushiest chub roles ever! I love your sweet laugh and your crazy flexibility. I'm not sure why, but you prefer your daddy over me any day! You love dogs and puppies. You still do the army crawl, but will occasionally get into crawling position. You pull yourself up to things and stand and walk around them very slowly. You love other babies! Your hair has started to grow out in back a little and you have the sweetest ringlets. Baths are your absolute favorite thing in the world! If you get anywhere near the bathroom you get really excited and sign, "More" over and over until I put you in the tub. And for some strange reason, you love to watch, "Phineas and Ferb." Which I'm certain is completely age appropriate for you...not! But it's your favorite and you'll sit there through an entire episode without even budging. You are the only one who can wake your daddy up with a smile and you have managed to get everything you want from your big brothers. The cutest and my most favorite thing about you are your dancing skills! I have no idea how you've learned the moves you have (because you certainly didn't get them from your dad or me) but you sure can shake it and bop it. I will play Taylor Swift all day long if it means I get to watch you dance! I love you sweet Remi Jean! You sure do make us happy!..

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Living life to the fullest

Wow! Has your summer just blown by? Our's has been crazy! But things seem to winding down a little now. Birthdays are officially done. Reunions are done. Primary is done. I can slowly feel our life of routine creeping up on me. School starts in a couple of weeks. Which means back to sewing and work and early bedtimes (thank heavens)! But we have just a few more summer days ahead and we will be spending them basking in the sun, eating sno cones, and cleaning up this disaster that we call home! I'm not sure whats happened around here, but this house is a mess!

I have photos of all the kid's birthdays to share, but I don't think that will be happening anytime before September hits...I can never seem to find my camera! So I'll leave you with a fun photo of my latest Poppins bag. And by "fun photo" I mean "instagram" photo. :) Which btw, I am @tinyseamstress if you're interested in becoming one of my 40-some followers. My sneek peaks are always shown there first.

 This beauty has been making it's way around the country and I'm so happy that people are enjoying the pattern as much as I am. I have another surprise coming soon! It's a fun and simple pattern that's being photographed as we speak and will hit stores this fall. Yay!
But for now, enjoy this amazing sunshine and be safe!

Hugs and stitches!