Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Legendary Mini Flower Tutorial

This flower tutorial is designed to go with the Legendary Mini bag, but can work with other bags as well. Sorry it took me so long to post. :)

1. Cut one 2" by 22" strip out of body scraps. Make a loose running stitch all the way across the bottom allowing fabric to ruffle. Don't stitch ends together yet!
2. Cut 3.5" by 18" strip out of lining scraps. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Cut small slits 1/2" apart on the fold all the way across.
3. Make smaller slits on the other side (raw edges) all the way across for flexibility later.
4. Fold lining fabric in half to measure 1.75" by 9" and roll up fabric to make center of flower. Hand stitch across the bottom of the center piece, securing all of the layers together.
5. Wrap body fabric around rolled fabric and stitch ends together. Hand stitch body fabric to the rolled fabric to secure in place. Flatten out slits on the bottom of the fabric to allow for a flat base.
6. Flower should look like this:


Whitney said...

Thank you, thank you, Whitney and I have tried lots of flowers and this one is cute, cute, cute. I'm so glad that I finally got to meet you at amy's store. Thanks for being such a great customer.

Grant-Grey Guda said...

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ByTheSea said...

I Love your blog found you on the Hawthorne site, I just ordered your jumbo glam bag... I wish I would have seen them sooner I would have had my boss try and buy one you already had made up at market *grin* your stuff is so cute.