Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ragg Quilt

I first discovered Ragg Quilts when my sister made one for my first child. And then later my best friend, Roni taught me how simple they really are.
I think that these are my favorite types of blankets to make, just because they allow flaws. Perfect for any beginner seamstress! You just cut out your desired size square and sew them together. I just finished this one for my baby and it was so relaxing to make.
I make my squares 3" by 3" and then the blanket itself is 12 by 15 squares.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thread Matters!

I'm not really an accessory person, in any part of my life, whether it be sewing, decorating, or just dressing myself. But I can say that your choice of thread on any project can make all the difference. I use a khaki thread on a lot of my projects, partly because it matches nearly everything and also because it adds just a delicate border. Most people won't really notice it's there, but without it a project can seem so boring.
So my advice, always choose your thread carefully.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gift Pack

Diaper and Wipe Pack
8" by 26" of patterned fabric
8" by 26" of denim or heavy fabric

Burp Rag
1 store bought cloth diaper
7" by 18" patterned piece of fabric

Bean Bags
10" by 5" piece of patterned fabric

2" by 2" piece of denim or heavy fabric