Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Need a gift for your grad?

1 Very Large Towel (70" by 40")
3 Yards of 5/8" Ribbon
So, I came up with this because one of my girls from Young Womens is graduating and I was just frantic for a gift idea. I remembered making my own laundry bag for college and I just loved it, but I wanted to give her something that was easy to use and wash. I ran across these amazingly huge beach towels at Wal-Mart for only $13 and they are basically already prepped for you! All you have to do is fold the towel in half, run the cord through the ends of the towel (that's already been sewn for you) all the way around making your drawstring and then sew up both sides of the towl. Make sure that you triple stitch all of your ends for extra security.
Throw in a roll of quarters, some laundry detergent and you're good to go! I'm so excited about this gift I just can't contain myself!