Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas Day!

So, about 7:00 pm Christmas Eve, Ruger came running into the living room completely paranoid that Santa was going to burn up when he came down our chimney. At first his concern was just with the presents and then the longer he thought about it, the more frightened he became. So we sat him down and explained that daddy would make sure the fireplace was a comfortable temperature for Santa. And that we did. We made our cookies, Santa ate a few and the dog ate the rest.
About 5:30 am we all woke up to make sure our presents were safe...this was the first picture Jason captured...Isn't it lovely?Sawyer was a little more awake...
To my dismay, there was not a single lump of coal. Instead there was a leapster 2, a tool bench, transformers, the list goes on...these little guys must have behaved pretty well this year! Though they certainly are a little goofy!
I think this was the most exciting year for us so far with our children. They both understood really well what was going on and who Santa was. Their happiness and expressions were priceless throughout the whole day.
I stepped outside for only a brief moment, you can see why I came back in.
And then this photo was snapped last weekend at Jason's little brother's Homecoming from South Korea. I know, another family photo!

I hope your Christmas was fantastic as well!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hey There Blue Eyes!

This little guy...
is sick and tired of the camera. Can you tell?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

She's Back!

This is a terrible picture because we took it with my phone, but who cares! Roni's back! It's been four long lonely months without my sidekick. We're talking solo trips to the grocery store, Grey's Anatomy by myself, boring sewing nights, too much soda, and 3,400 texts a month. Pathetic, I know. But for the next few weeks there will be lots of shopping, play dates with the kids, Christmas, and still too much soda! We went to Roni's little sister-in-law's reception tonight (as shown above) and guess who I met? Bonnie! Can you believe that? I know I'm so lame, but I was so nervous. It was good to get it out of my system before market I can be calm and collected (yeah right)!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Patterns!

Wahoo! I'm so excited to release these next two patterns. One of them you've seen before, but now you can have the pattern yourself and the other one is brand new and I am sooo excited to call it mine! If you're not a black and white fan, I'm very sorry, because I simply cannot resist these fabrics when I shop. This first bag is called Simply Legendary:

It's complete, with a cell pocket, keys pocket, double pocket (for sippy cups and such), and a larger pocket for planners or diapers, etc. Pattern also includes instructions for 43" handles or 53" handles, photos, and pattern pieces.
And THEN there's the Fabulous Bags Pattern, complete with instructions for two different bags. Options are endless: wide straps, skinny straps, two flaps, one flaps, bow tie, buttons, large bag, small bag, the choices are up to you and the patterns come with everything to guide you.Patterns can be found in My Etsy, located on my sidebar or in your local quilt shop!