Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Lake

We love our little lake here. The really warm days have been rare and so we go whenever we can. The boys are so good to stay close and play with Remi and they love play wild crazy sea creatures. :)
Ruger has grown so much since last year and is just the best help with the younger two. I wouldn't know what to do without him! I love the lake because it wears them out and I hate going to the lake because it wears me out and makes my home a sandbox. I guess that's the price we have to pay. Right?
I took all of these photos with my iphone and so some of them aren't the best, but I still love these cheesy little grins. They make me happy!
xoxo, tiff (and my toes that weren't suppose to be in the photo)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shop is stocked!

I've been digging to the bottom of the barrel here, trying to list everything I have in the shop. I need to clean up shop a little and make room for new designs. I (lightly) used this banner for Remi's birthday party and no longer have a use for it, so I've listed it in the shop. There is 7+ yards of it and would work great for any party celebration! You can find it here.
This Poppins Bag was a fun display at market and I'm just now getting it back. It has the 4 exterior pockets and two large inside ones. Would work great as a diaper bag, church bag, etc. And it has those fancy silver rings to add a little bling, and the gold on the fabric shimmers as well. It's a bold bag and I've really grown to love it! You can find it here.
 And then this adorable Poppins bag is also from market and is still in the shop waiting for a home.
 I've also added a bunch of fun new Shore bags and some old ones too! Some have sold, but there are still a few left! I love this new crimson style! The red/pink colors really go well with the navy stripes.
 And I wasn't sure how people would feel about the green with the navy, but I just had to try! And great news for me...they sold out quick! Hopefully we can get more of that fabric in soon.
I also added more of the fuchsia and orange as well. Go grab them while you can!
 I hope you're all having a wonderful summer! We are keeping so busy over here with the lake and the park and cheap movies and soccer and swim lessons...really it's a hard life we live! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Remi's TWO

 My baby girl turned TWO yesterday! Can you believe it? I feel like it was just yesterday that this was happening and sadly, I still can't wear those jeans...I miss those jeans. I am happy to give them up though for what I got in return. Everyone was blown away that this little miss was over 9 pounds, but I knew she'd be a little squirt and boy am I grateful. I can't pack a big toddler at this point. ha!
 Remi you've been so easy and fun to have around and now you're TWO! You're still pretty easy to get along with, but you've had it with the camera. Smiles are out of the question. Luckily, our old favorite neighbor stopped by and got this smile out of you (thank you Lawnie!).
 This past little while you've broken out of your shell a bit. You've used your voice a lot more with your brothers and your words a lot more with me. It's been so fun to watch your vocabulary grow, even if you say things like "coke" and "no, no, no" (I know it could be worse). You love to dance around in circles and do some sort of little chant that I've never seen before and you either bless or curse everyone you see with your hands. You are a character. You have a great LOVE for men and your Grandpas, probably because your daddy is so good to you. And it's ok...for now. You'll take your daddy over anyone any day. You are two peas in a pod. You'd rather eat off of his plate then touch anything I put in front of you (even if it is the same food).
 You have the craziest curls and rolls that go on forever. You love to stand at the top of the stairs and yell "Ra-ga" and "Ya-ya" (Ruger and Sawyer). We paint your toes a lot because you love to be "pretty". But you'll take a power ranger or transformer any day of those silly dolls we keep buying you. You've started helping with chores, because it's what your brothers do. Your favorite is throwing things away and we find all sorts of things in the garbage. You also love to scrub the walls and the toilet and help with laundry. Swimming is your favorite activity! You can jump of the side of the pool any time and kick your feet like mad, while we still can't get Sawyer off the stairs. :)
 You love covering your face when you laugh ^^^ and you do the best fake cry I have ever seen! You can point and say, "eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, nose, hair, and head. You know where your hands, feet, belly, and "bum-bum" are and your belly button which is referred to as a "beep-beep" (thank you Roni). You love your sippy cup more than life itself and will take anything over dry cake, which is why we filled your bday cake with caramel syrup. Ice cream and watermelon are your favorite and you are a pro at chewing gum and spitting it out properly. You love to play on and under my sewing table and your favorite shows are "Do-da", "Uuuumi", and  "Diego". But above all the one thing you love most are your "shoe-shoes". You are clear on your favorites and love shopping for new ones. We just aren't quite sure what to do with all the "shoe-shoe" love around here, but we're learning. :)

You're just the happiest little ending to our fairytale and we love you so so much Remi! Happy Birthday big girl!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Patriotic Sale

Just thought I'd share with you that all PDFs are 20% off in the shop right now!
Just click on the photo above for quick access.
Happy Fourth of July everyone!