Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Sale

This year there is so much to be thankful for including friends, cousins, parents, and those little hooligans up there! This is by far my favorite time of year and I am excited to spend it with family! 

To go along with this wonderful holiday I've decided to join in on the Black Friday madness. If you're staying in and want to buy a few gifts online, maybe you'll want to stop by my shop and pick up a few stocking stuffers for 50% OFF!!!

That's right, starting at 9:00 am this Friday, all patterns in my shop will be 50% off, but ONLY for 2 hours. The sale will end at 11:00 am sharp, so be early and use this code at checkout: BLACKFRIDAY

I will also be throwing in a special surprise for all orders over $30 all day on that day! Yay!

So if you haven't made your mother a gift yet or maybe your BFF needs a new diaper bag like mine does then hop on over and use the code BLACKFRIDAY for the best deal of the year!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I used my trusty friend to find a winner for me. There was no way I could choose! You all have such great quirks! Thank you so much for sharing...even if you were a bit embarrassed.
This was a lot of fun!
And so, the winner of the Shore Bag Packaged Kit is:
Annalee's quirk? She can touch her knees together with her feet about a foot apart!
That's Awesome!
Email me to claim your prize. :)
Also, if you liked my FB page I will be doing another drawing tonight for a Shore Bag Pattern!
So head on over there if you still haven't and like my page for another chance to win!
Thanks again for all who entered!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Shore Bag KIT Giveaway!!!

I have been so overwhelmed with gratitude lately on the response that I've received for my Shore bag pattern. And I thought that it would be fun to do a giveaway, since it's been awhile since I've had one.
The giveaway is for a COMPLETE kit to make The Shore Bag!
Which includes:
One Shore Bag Pattern
Fabric for the Pattern
Fusible fleece
One magnetic snap
4 silver sliders
All you have to do is leave me a comment about your quarkiest quirkiest feature.
 For example: Mine is that I can touch my nose with my toe without bending my knee! :-)
I will pick a winner on Monday, so spread the word and make sure you enter!!! Also, if you like my facebook page, I MIGHT have a second place prize for my followers there. ;-)
On a side note: The black sliders (as seen in photo above) are out of stock. I will be using silver sliders for all custom orders. Thus far, they have received great reviews.
All Christmas orders for the Shore bag MUST be placed by midnight on November 15th! 


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Wreath: So Worth It!

For 3 years I have walked through Target looking at this very wreath. I have dreamed of having it in my home and wondering where I'd hang it. I'd occassionally see it hanging in other's homes and just think of how dreamy it would be to have my very own. BUT the wreath was $40. To me, $40 seems like a high price to pay for a wreath. Maybe it's not. Maybe that's cheap to some, but for me it was a lot. So I didn't get it. I would just walk through the home decor section and admire it. And then today when I was in town, I decided that I was going to buy the darn wreath! 3 years had been too long. I felt like if I wanted something that badly, then I should just get it, no matter what the cost. Right? And so I did.

And that got me thinking about my children. Strange I know. But I thought about that first day and holding Sawyer in my arms. The doctors hadn't confirmed his condition yet, but I knew he was going to be little. He was worth it though.

No matter the cost in raising the children I have, they are SO WORTH IT! Every inch lost in height, has been gained in personality. Every ounce of hearing gone, measures double in pure genious. My children come with greatness all their own. Talents some can only dream of having, strengths given so naturally that many strive years to gain, and a love and happiness that can only be wrapped in a package so precious as theirs.

In my past I have had people come into my life patting themselves on the back for accepting someone like me, and just as quickly they have left (or been dismissed) because they couldn't measure up or they just couldn't handle my differences. But then there are those that do measure UP! And I know right off the bat who those individuals will be. And they stick around forever. They don't care about the price they have to pay to be in our lives, they are just there, always!

Parents that I know worry so much about the negative that people say to their children or about their children, but I just want to offer my own experience. It's NOT WORTH IT! Just let it go. Certainly, teach your children how to stand up for themselves and to not be walked on or mistreated. But also teach them to move on because if they don't, they will miss out on those incredible people that come into their lives and make them so much better. Those people who aren't about the cost, but about the quality of person they're investing in.

Your children are SO WORTH IT!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oh Halloween...

 Halloween, for some reason seems to get more difficult for me every year. Maybe it's because I have more children? Who knows. The boys asked if Remi could be Izzy, from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So I made her a pink costume (pixie dust and all) and she wore it to the church carnival, where she drooled candy all over it and smeared a banana in it. And because I certainly did NOT have time to drop all of my cookie making and class visits on Halloween to do laundry, she didn't have her costume for the actual trick-or-treating. Thankfully, I'm obsessed with keeping all of our costumes for dressup and I was able to dig up the old inch worm costume for her. It was a little snug, but it worked! :)
 And then there's my sweet Sawyer who is right between toddler and boy size. However, he rocked his Optimis Prime costume. He was SO proud that everyone knew who he was and as usual, he scored so much extra candy for his knock-out smile and gorgeous blue eyes.
Ruger's was my favorite, purely because the situation was flat out comical and frustrating. He is growing so fast. I can't keep up! I've started giving him my clothes, just to avoid shopping! Needless to say I purchased this costume a month ago and last week it was too short. So I took it back to get a bigger size and they were all sold out! So we made it work. And the only time he put his mask on was during pictures...funny kid. The woman at Target gave me a lecture on how her children never wear masks and that mine shouldn't, blah, blah. Lame.
Here they are before the ward party. I know this photo isn't the greatest, but I was lucky to even get one at all. And now it's over and we can put all our energy into eating candy and preparing for Thanksgiving! Here I come Mom!