Friday, October 15, 2010

To Be Better.

Have I ever told you that blogging makes me nervous? I fear that somehow I will offend someone or perhaps I'll portray things in a way that's not true. But recently I've decided I'll just rise to the occasion and let the worry subside. These past few months have been pretty incredible for my family. We've had our ups and downs, but amazing things (people) have happened to cross our path. We have come in contact with some pretty fantastic-ly ordinary people. People who have changed our lives for the better by simply being here. They've just been in our presence and have had conversations with us, making us laugh and cry and touching us with their sweet, sweet spirits. Our home life has changed as we've found happiness in just being.
My children are growing and changing my world. I don't want to miss one second of my boys and their existance (all three of them). I know that I will have this little family of mine forever and all eternity, but still sometimes, it feels like that's not enough as time goes by so fast.
My husband and I went to the Visitor's Center last night and watched a video called, "The Restoration," done by our church. I hadn't watched the movie in a long time, but I was grateful for the opportunity to go and even more grateful for the people we were able to share the experience with. At the end of it, we were asked that as we leave, we ponder how we can be a little better and be a little kinder. That's all I've been able to think about is how can I be just a little better? All of my answers haven't come yet, but they will and I'm anxious to see how it all plays out. I mean there's room for everyone to be just a little better right?


Lindsay said...

Aww Tiffany, thanks for sharing. I go thru the SAME things. Always careful what I say but I want to be more open! Thanks for the encouragement!

shareenspace said...

Yes, thanks for sharing--You do so much and remind us of so much. And, I think all of your "boys" are adorable!

Kim said...

i strive for this daily. It's so hard sometimes. I want to be the all encompassing person, and sometimes the stress of the person I want to be gets in the way. I should watch that movie.
BTW love your girls night sewing picture. So cute! Wish the teacher could have been in the picture too!

Greene Family said...

Great post, Tiffany! I get nervous with blogging at times too. Every day I try hard to be a little better (whether it's a better mom, wife, friend, a kinder stranger . . .), and some times I end up with . . . I need to try a little harder tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!