Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Things First!

We need dresses! Lots and lots of dresses!
And maybe one of these...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Team Tiny

Team Tiny: n., a small team made up of important people that makes TS Designs possible.
(Picture from last year's market experience)

It's 3 am and I CAN'T SLEEP! This pregnancy has been easy in the sense that I haven't had much sickness, but for the first time in my life I'm experiencing pure exhaustion. So tired that I break into tears over lunch at Red Robin or so tired that I take naps at 9am. And now here I am blogging because I've been up for hours just laying in my bed. The bonus to all of this chaos is the quiet time that has come to me, allowing me to plan my Sunday lessons, my meal plans for the kids, and better yet....MARKET! Oh, how I miss market! And now the countdown is on. 80 DAYS left until I get to load up my minivan (yeah, we bought one of those) and head on down to Salt Lake City for 5 days of craziness and fun! And so the checklist begins:
  • My patterns are in the testing process as we speak.
  • My booth plans are sketched out (we'll see how much of it falls into place).
  • Roni found her babysitter. Wahoo!
  • Reservations are being made with Priceline.com (did you see the new commercial? My brother had my parents come out to watch it being made...I was a little jealous).
  • Fabric is being ordered daily! hehe.
  • Team Tiny is so ready (and so not ready) to go! :)
We find out tomorrow if we're having a litte boy or girl! So until then, I will keep my mind stirring with market to dos, because otherwise I'll go crazy waiting and um, not sleeping.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tags...& more tags.

Sometimes I get emails asking about my tags...sometimes. It's not a huge topic of conversation, but it's a little detail that people notice and tend to ask about occassionally. So I thought I'd explain it a little bit more. So here's the truth, a long time ago (like 3 years ago) when my husband and I were poor college students I was sewing bags just to learn. I was cutting corners everywhere I could, including my tags. My grandma (who has passed away since) taught me to do, what I think is called a backstitch when I was about 8. She was sewing a very special apron for me and was showing me the fine details of how to do it.
So one day I pulled out some muslin and thread and starting stitching. I had read online to print out your letters on the computer and then trace them onto your muslin. So I tried it and it worked! I made about 100 that way and soon enough I was able to just free hand the tags. None of them are the same. In fact, they probably look different from my tags 3 years ago, but they are made by me...every single part of the bag is made by me. I like that!
It's a process though. They begin in a large strip and then I cut them down and store them in this jar (the same jar I showed you last year). It just sits on my shelf.
And then eventually that tag finds a home inside one of my bags. Now, isn't that just an exciting process? I knew you'd enjoy it! Lol! OK, so really, I love this process and I don't think I'll ever just order tags because it's so enjoyable. It forces me to slow down and enjoy what I'm doing and I remember a little piece of my Grandma Keller at the same time. :)
BTW, I'm inviting you all to come follow me on Twitter! It's lots of fun and I make a fool of myself all the time because I'm not always understanding what I'm doing. But it's fun...so come play along!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day!

I'm still not sure (at the ripe old of 28) how I feel about Valentine's Day. I kinda think it's silly and I kinda think it's sweet. Maybe by 50 I'll have made my decision. I do know that there are many things I love though:
1. I love my little boys and my older boy.
2. I love sewing (as I learned after a whole week without my machine).
3. I love to throw things away (random I know, but it feels so good).
4. I love making hearts out of playdough with my kids.
5. I love getting packages in the mail!
6. I love having my husband home on his days off.
7. I love my family and friends.
8. I love chocolate and diet coke.
9. I love to shop.
10. I love to love and be loved. :)
Tell me, what do you love?

Monday, February 7, 2011


This bag is my newest top selling bag for a reason...it's absolutely Darling! ;)
So...I'm on vacation! Have you noticed? Sheesh. It was that time when I needed to get out of town and spend a little time with my Mom, being that it's her birthday and all! Wahoo! We love to celebrate around here and with all this excitement I felt it'd be appropriate to have a sale this week! Hop on over to my Etsy shop where you can purchase 2 patterns and get 1 FREE!!!!! Just leave your freebie request in the comments section after your purchase of 2 patterns. Easy as that! Patterns will ship early next week.