Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This has been our best year yet with Halloween. The boys are loving every second of it and have been overly-filled with junk food this week. Thank goodness for Uncle Brady! He fixed up all those cavities in no time and the boys never even knew what hit 'em. :)
So we're cavity free and ready for some serious trick-or-treating!
Happy Halloween everybody!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Three Months

 I snapped these photos with my cell phone the other day. Remi was is so happy almost all of the time and these snap shots show her personality through and through. She is a complete chatterbox (I have no idea where she gets that from) and she will talk to you and make noises at you as long as you will let her. She loves her daddy's voice and will just giggle even if he's in the other room talking. She loves ruffley dresses (or maybe that's me) and we've been working really hard on the word "ber-nin-a". We should have that down in no time. :) The boys (mainly Sawyer) thinks it's really funny to sing her name to the Chuggington tune. It's super cute and she laughs at them the whole time. We sure do love you lots and lots Remi Jean!

Friday, October 14, 2011

We have a winner!

Thank you to all who entered my giveaway! It was so fun reading all of your comments! And now for the winner...

        #13 Just Julie who said...Blogger

The reds and yellows would look PERFECT in my kitchen for a fun table runner or placemats. Of course I always love making cute bags.. Great fabrics!!!

Julie please send me (tinyseamstress(at)yahoo(dot)com) your shipping address and I will get your Delightful! package shipped out asap! And if you didn't win you can still head on over to my Etsy shop for 20% off all of your favorite tiny seamstress patterns. Just enter the code Delightful at checkout!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Giving it Away!

I know I said I'd post this last week, but in my defense, I have 3 children. And I went to visit my mom. And I picked up a last minute project for market. Yeah, that's all I got. So sorry.
On a brighter more Delightful! note, I have some fabric just sittin' up on my shelf trying to collect dust and it needs a home...really bad!

 Just take a look at how pretty it is...

 My friend Amanda (aka the Quilted Fish) really can design. These fabrics are so fun to work with (trust me, I know) and they are just so bright and happy! They are bound to bring a smile to any seamstress' face!

So have at it! Go on, leave a comment (you know you want to) and tell me what you would do with an entire fat quarter bundle of this fabric! Me? I would make my baby girl a quilt and a little ruffly dress. :) Maybe I'll go do that right now...on second thought, I should finish my market projects first.

And if you're really ambitious you can enter a 2nd time for mentioning this on FB!

A 3rd time if you put it on Twitter!

And another if you blog about it!

Good Luck! Oh, and check Amanda's blog tomorrow for something super Delightful! and Jumbo Glamorous! hehe.

*Disclaimer: If Roni is the only person that enters my giveaway then I'm going to give her the bundle all sewn up in something baby like for her little bundle. Just kidding...maybe. :P

This giveaway is closed.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My NOT so average life

     On his second day of school, Ruger informed me that he doesn't want to wear his hearing aids because other people will see them and ask about them.
     I said, "Did somebody ask about them yesterday?"
     He responds, "Yes. A boy asked me what they were."
     I asked, "What did you say?"
     He said, "I just told him that they were my hearing aids."
     I thought to myself for a minute, knowing that I needed to be very careful with my words. I then explained to him that it's ok if people ask about his hearing aids. They're only asking because they don't know or they don't understand. If they tease you or make fun of you then that's different and you need to tell them to stop.
     He said, "OK."
     The next day he wore his hearing aids and his teacher took a few minutes to explain to the class what they were and why he wore them. Since then he's had no issues with wearing them.

     One week later:
     I'm picking Sawyer up from preschool. He was looking a little down (really rare for him) and so I asked, "How was your day?"
     He said, "A boy in my class was teasing me."
     I asked, "What did he say?"
     He replies, "I can't tell you." (Code for he can't remember)
     "Well what did your teacher say?"
     "She told him to stop. She said, stop teasing Sawyer!"
     I said, "Well that's good."
     He says, "Yeah." (We're big on one word answers over here)
     He went on and on the whole afternoon about this boy at school that teased him. But he couldn't tell me why he teased him. So later when my husband got home from work I asked him if he thought I'd be crazy to email the teacher and ask what happened.
     He said he would think I was crazy. :) He also said that it seemed as though the teacher had already taken care of the issue and that she'd let me know if there was something to worry about. And do you know that it took every fiber of my being to not email the teacher? I wasn't wanting to be a helicopter parent, I just wanted to know. Are those two the same thing? Yes? Ok, fine. Whatever.
     So why am I writing all of this? I don't really know. Therapy I guess. I've been worried about my kids a lot lately. I can't help but feel as their mother, that I've given them these trials and so now I feel like I should carry their burdens. But then I watch them every day after their few hours at school and I see how happy they are. I see that they have made friends and that they are learning and absorbing at an incredible pace and so they must be ok? They're not coming home in tears. They want to go back. I'm not getting calls from their teachers (not yet anyway) and Sawyer now plays with the boy who teased him. So it's ok. Right? They will have hard times. People will misunderstand them because of their differences, but they will work it out. I think I've taught them to do that. Or at least I hope I have. It seems like this whole school thing is a determining factor in whether I've taught them enough or not. I guess we will see. :)