Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And so the story goes...

We had a fun Christmas this year! The boys are at that perfect age of grasping everything and actually being able to enjoy it all. We started our Christmas Eve off with a little Nativity recap and then the boys (& Grandma Wall who made a surprise visit) made cookies for Santa.
Followed with a letter to Santa of course!
And some Thomas and Scooby pj's from Grandma Wall.
And let's not forget the reindeer!
The boys sprinkled all sorts of glitter and reindeer food on the lawn
so our house wouldn't be missed.
AND THEN it was Christmas morning!
Some were excited and woke up at 5am sharp!
Others were tired and wanted to sleep a little longer.
The boys wanted exactly two things from Santa this year:
1. Knapford Station
2. Woody and Buzz race track
I think that my grand total of $34 is a record.
I know I will never get an inexpensive Christmas like that again!
Jason got an ipod nano that he had to purchase for himself last minute,
because his lovely wife forgot to hit the "pay now" button online.
I waited for two weeks for it to show up and it never did. :(
And I got a stupendous video camera that's so tiny it fits in my purse...I looove it!
We topped off our morning with some yummy cereal in the
cool new personalized bowls that Grandma K sent to us!
The boys went nuts over them, but I was so busy eating I didn't get a picture. :(
I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Seeing Double?

It's the holidays and I haven't looked at a blog or written a post in forever! That's the way it goes right? Life takes over. Holidays also means family and friends coming to visit. Our house has been non-stop visitors for the past little while and we've loved every minute of it! Currently, my twin was visiting...
You know I don't really have a twin? I'm just talking about Roni! We're sewing our hearts out, eating terrible, terrible food, destroying the house, and even doing a little bit of prep for Spring Market (soooo excited!)
Our husbands have come to grips with letting us hang out 24/7. But I they're definetly having to do a few double takes.
And as for the kiddos, they're having a ball! Who knew boxes could be so fun! :)
Our basement is almost completely finished, I'm back into my sewing quarters, and the tree is up. Hopefully I'll have pictures for the parents soon!
Happy Holidays!