Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

2013 has been quite the year for our family. I don't really mean "a great year" or "a bad year", more like a fast year and an exhausting one (see photo above ^^^). It's been flying by and suddenly I have a toddler, a brilliant 7 year old who corrects my math and a chatty 5 year old who manages to get everything he wants, even though I swear I told him no, he's able to convince me that I didn't. Argh.

Jason left for the first two months of the year to a very intense training for work and I learned how much admiration I have for single/military moms. WOW! I'm still catching up on sleep. The best therapy I've found has been sewing. Even though I'm exhausted and sleep sounds like such a wonderful idea, all I want to do is sew all day and all night and drink Diet Coke. :)

On that note (or would it be off that note?), Remi is now 20 months, well on her way to 2 years! She is walking like a champ, as bossy as ever, loves, loves, loves shoes, and hates hair bows. Of course. I love having a little girl in the house and her brothers are so good to her. She is even more so a daddy's girl now than ever (see photo above^^^). She will pass me up for a good snuggle with daddy any time of the day or night. Luckily, I still have my snuggly boys for a few more years (fingers crossed).

We are gearing up for a double dose of tubes in both Remi and Sawyer's ears next month and then our Shriners visit in May. After a total of 10 ear infections this winter, we decided that tubes would be the most effective way to handle this situation. Pray for us!

So all in all, life is good. Kids are good. Husband is home and good. Work is good. I think it's going to be a really great year...and busy...yep, busy. Happy Spring Break!