Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring Patterns 2015

I am so excited (and so behind) to introduce my new spring patterns! These are the patterns that I showed at quilt market this year. My first pattern is called Bounce. This pattern is one that looks complex, but is in fact, not very difficult. The squares are put together diagonally allowing for that "bounce" affect with each block. Finished quilt is about 72" x 72".
Fabrics on cover are Year of the Ninja by Riley Blake Designs.

My second pattern is Oh Betsy 2! This bag is similar to the original Oh Betsy bag in the way that it is built, but as far as style goes, it has it's own personality. The cut out on the top is so great because it allows the bag to lay on your hip comfortably! There is one pocket on the inside and it's so stylish with it's hook and ring closure. I get compliments on mine all the time.
Fabrics on cover are Halle by Riley Blake Designs.

Pocket-full is a very simple build of a bag and quick and easy to put together. The name of this bag does actually come from that bag, as it is FULL of pockets! 10 to be exact--6 outside, 2 large inside and 2 pencil pockets. And as always, a magnetic snap closure!
Fabric on cover is La Vie Boheme by the Quilted Fish.

Ribbons is a quilt you've seen before and now I finally have the pattern!
All of my testers confirmed that this was quick and easy to assemble, so I feel fairly safe saying that out loud. ;) This quilt is mostly built of flying geese and then a few others along the way. Like I said, simple! It measures 54" x 54" approximately when finished. The perfect throw!
Fabric on cover is The Cottage Garden by the Quilted Fish (I see a theme here).

I have had lots of requests for this one and it was in fact our top seller at quilt market (by like 3 patterns...haha). This is a smaller "fun-size" version of The Shore Bag. I call it "The Smaller Shore Bag"--catchy eh? This is an exact replica of the larger bag...only smaller. I'm not really sure what else to say, except maybe, it's adorable and fun! :)
Fabrics on Cover are Basics by Riley Blake Designs.

And then....Urban Chic! This quilt speaks for itself. But just in case it doesn't, I have to say that this is a fun quilt! So fun to put together and can be done one block at a time. Lots of half square triangles! And the blocks are quite large, about 24" x 24". Finished quilt is about 72" x 72".
Fabrics on cover are mostly solids by Riley Blake Designs.
So, that's it! I hope you love them! They were a lot of work, but so so fun! Also, if you happen to take the time to make any of these patterns, always feel free to post pics and share (you can tag me on @tinyseamstress) or even email them directly to me! I love, love, love seeing your work!