Thursday, June 27, 2013

My heart can't take it!

Two years is quickly approaching since the birth of my little baby girl and my heart is aching. I've been planning Remi's little bday party with her cousins for a month now and the closer it gets the more my nerves and anxiety grow. How is it that all of this newborn goodness has already passed?
 She still has that birth mark on her forehead and the tiniest little nose. And her long little toes are still the same size...she wears a size 2 in newborn shoes...isn't that adorable? While I miss these days so very much, I also look forward to the days ahead. She is talking more than ever now and is fitting right into our family mix. I love you so much sweet Remi! Please stop growing up!
And because the fourth of July is right around the corner, I wanted to let you know (again) that the Shore bags are back in stock (did you see the cute navy/red combo), as well as the Oh Betsy! bag and Poppins bag. If you order by tomorrow, they'll arrive before the fourth! Have a great week! I'm off to celebrate with family and cry at my baby's birthday. Wish me luck! ;)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh Betsy! ... the bag

About a year ago my sister in law Betsy sent me a text in desperation of a fun little tote that could carry her wallet and keys and not get in her way of handling all six of her children. :) I thought about what she wanted for several months. I'm not usually interested in sewing smaller bags, because I really like my big bags (I heard once they make you're butt look smaller...I guess that could be true!).
As the months passed I was able to eventually come up with a design that I really like.
And what I love MOST about this bag is that it works in any fabric. I really can't say that about other bags. Typically a pattern is drastically changed by the choice of fabrics, but with the Oh Betsy! bag that's really not the case. Here it's shown in some Dear Stella fabrics. Which I am really going through a phase with navy and emerald. I actually just listed this little number in the shop.
 The next two photos are the original bag from the pattern photographed and modeled by Beth. Isn't she so pretty? I was so blessed to meet her at market a few years ago.
 This bag is complete with an interior pocket as shown below, two handles for an easy grab, or a long strap for across the shoulder. When making the bag you can even add little hooks for removing the strap if you want. When finished it measures about 11" tall by 9" wide and has instructions for adding a snap if desired. OH, also it can be made with only ONE yard of fabric! How awesome is that? Perfect for gift giving on a budget!
 And then.... the red and turquoise. This little number was popular at market and sadly has already sold. I love these Joel Dewberry fabrics (if you haven't caught on yet). I used a larger hook and ring size on this one and really liked it. I think I'll stick with the larger size from now on.
And to conclude my story with Betsy wanting a smaller bag... she sent me a text when she finished testing the pattern and said, "I love it! I think you should name it the Betsy bag!"
I wrote back, "Oh, Betsy!" ;)
If you have never met Betsy before, then just know that you're truly missing out! She is as happy as a person can get and is simply one of the best people I know. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful siblings and in-laws.
And I have listed some fun new Shore bags for people who just want the bag. There are three combos currently listed--bubblegum/navy, sunshine/navy, and the original orange/navy. So go pick one up for yourself if you'd like to skip over the whole sewing portion. ;)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dizzy Quilt Pattern

This is my Dizzy quilt! I had plans to do this design for probably a year before I finally jumped in and tried it. It's completely jelly roll friendly and is so fun to piece together. I used a Happy Go Lucky jelly roll for both of these quilts. When finished it measures about 52" x 56".
 This little version that Miss Suzy is sitting on is a baby version. It's just one square with a few extra strips added to each size. Just like the Birdie quilt, you can add a border around one block to make a baby version of this quilt. A quick and simple baby gift! I also really loved quilting the scallops on this one.
You can find this pattern in my shop in both paper and pdf versions.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bye Bye Birdie Quilt

 I didn't really get the chance to show off more photos of my patterns before I left for market. So I'm going to try and do a post on each one, just so you can see them in a different light, other than just the cover photos. This pattern, Bye Bye Birdie is my very favorite pattern. There was a great sense of accomplishment when I finished this quilt and I'm so proud of it. It may look complex, but it's really not that difficult, just a fun spin on the flying geese method. There is no paper piecing!
 Look at those cute models! Aren't they adorable! Watch out world, they're learning to drive! ;)
This pattern is 1/2 yard friendly or fat-quarter friendly (just 2 fat quarters per flower). It is also great for showcasing larger fabric prints, as shown in the photos, with Joel Dewberry's lovely Notting Hill line. Isn't his fabric so delightful?

 This quilt finished measures approximately 76" x 76". You can also make a baby quilt with just one 22" x 22" square and add a solid 4" border around each edge -- perfect for a quick baby gift! You can purchase this pattern through your local quilt shop or online in my shop, it comes in hard copy or pdf.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Summer is in full swing over here. I think this is my favorite time of year (right next to Halloween and Christmas of course). The boys are always covered in dirt or sand, running non-stop with popsicles in their hands, and Remi's curls are cinched up tight from all the sweat water. Having 3 little ones running around makes summer even more enjoyable. There's a story behind every shoe full of dirt that I pour out or pocket of "sno-cone" money I save. This is a full-time job for these munchkins and I'm 100% envious! Every morning we wake-up, enjoy a few cartoons, do our chores, and gear up for whatever fun activity we have planned that day. How could it get any better than this?
 Between soccer practice and $1 movies we've had just enough time to discuss power ranger/ninja turtle birthday parties, since summer is all about birthdays around here! :)

 As for sewing? Well, it's happening at just the right speed. I'm not pulling off threads all day long, but I am enjoying a few late nights to myself here and there. The sewing room has stayed much cleaner post market and I think I like it like that. I hope you're having a great summer too!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Update

 People have asked a lot about where to get sliders for the Shore Bag. I have ordered a bunch and listed them in my shop for you! If you purchase them with the pattern your shipping will be discounted. I only have silver, but I think they are just as pretty as the black ones. :)
 And one more thing, I list another one of these, in case you're wondering...or having a baby and looking for a fun diaper bag...or just don't feel like sewing your own...ok, that's all.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Shop Update

I have added a few new things to the shop and thought I would share them here with all of you!

So, head on over and see if there's something that you'd like to carry around! I promise, they're all comfy, cute, and gauranteed to bring compliments. ;)