Monday, February 20, 2012

When I took you to Vegas at 7 months

This year Grandma K turned a whopping 70 years old, but you'd never in a million years guess it. We went to Las Vegas to celebrate with all of the family and boy did we party! You were the only baby I saw in Vegas and thankfully we stayed in the Trump Hotel. Grandpa picked that spot so you wouldn't have to be in a stinky smelly casino the whole time. Thanks Grandpa! There was one casino that we had to walk through to get to our dinner reservations. We stopped to watch Uncle Brady drop his one quarter in the slot machine and a lady told me I had to keep walking because you were under 21! Ha!

 You really loved the bread at Max Brenners....I said it on FB and I'll say it food. ever!

 While all the other wives had their husbands, I had you to pal around with and share a hotel room with and we had a blast! I felt so spoiled not having to take your dirty diapers outside! :)
 This month you've grown up so much and have become so much more aware and excited about the world around you! You love playing peekaboo (below) and you still make yourself a part of every conversation. Your favorite toy is Sawyer's Rachet (?) transformer, forget about Bumblebee, you like the green one! You're trying so hard to sit up on your own but it will still be a little while because your legs are so itty bitty. You are in the 1% on height and 10% in weight and your eyes have settled in color (brown towards the center and blue around the outside). You have 2 teeth coming in and are still happy and drooly! You rarely cry. You just sort of fuss when you want something, which totally works for me! Your hair has started to grow a little and you prefer to eat your bows, in fact, you pull them off the very second I put them on.
Love you little girl!