Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Once Upon A Time.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl.
She was always happy and never let people get the best of her.
But then one day, that little girl grew up
and she had a little boy who she loved so much
and wanted desperately to protect him from the BIG bad world
where cruel people exist.
I'm not sure if those cruel people had mothers that taught them
too much or too little.
Whatever the case may be,
some of those people weren't quite prepared for
over-protective, defensive mother's like me.
So...to the boy with the cell phone camera, snapping pics in the gas station--
I'm glad that my little death-defying, deprecating, piercing eyes
spoke loud enough for you to hear my thoughts.
Maybe next time your mother will teach you better!
The End


Lee and Roni Poston said...

Ok so I totally wish I would have been there. :) I would have loved to see the look on that boys face after seeing the look of death you gave him. Priceless. Also this reminds me of Project Rant on YouTube. Lee loves that garbage. Maybe you should send it in. LOL

Amy Hamberlin said...

I need to hear more about this story!

shareenspace said...

Did you get his name & the mother's name . I would have taken her aside & "explained" a few things! Maybe, even sent them your "post.". But, back in the day, we didn't have blogs!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

I totally understand! I want to keep mine wrapped up in a bubble forever, away from the big, BAD world!


Alicia King said...

good for you Tiffany!

Kim said...

I really wish I could have been there. It would be worth me taking his phone and smashing it to the ground. Just know that you rock. I am glad your stare was enough for the idiot. What is wrong with people?

Hillary said...

That sounds a little crazy why was he taking pics?? Go mom!

Greene Family said...

I wish I had been there too. You are an awesome mom! I'm always amazed at the ignorance of some people and wonder how they really don't know any better.