Monday, April 13, 2015

McCalls Spring Patterns M7138

Things have been so crazy, that I struggle to find time to ever sit down and blog, even about the good stuff! Like these fun patterns for McCalls! These bags are exclusives for McCalls and I'm so excited about them. The zippers are so simple to install and add such a fun touch to an otherwise ordinary bag. If you look closely at the bag above, you'll notice that the handles even have a zipper between them, allowing you to zip them up to make 1 handle. How fun is that?
The smaller shoulder bag has smaller details, such as the little bows on the strap and the fun boxed bottom, so it stays standing when you set it down. And then for extra storage there is a tiny zipper pocket in the flap for like coins or a small set of keys.
I used Soft and Stable in the base of the larger bag and I loved how it really added a lot of strength to the bag without taking away from it's lightweight style.
This purple bag shows the bow a little better in the handle. Aren't they fun?! You can find this pattern #M7138 at Joanns, Hobby Lobby, a few Walmarts, Hancocks, McCalls online shop and of course they are listed in my shop! Thanks so much for all of your support in the past, I hope you continue to enjoy these fun patterns!