Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tags...& more tags.

Sometimes I get emails asking about my tags...sometimes. It's not a huge topic of conversation, but it's a little detail that people notice and tend to ask about occassionally. So I thought I'd explain it a little bit more. So here's the truth, a long time ago (like 3 years ago) when my husband and I were poor college students I was sewing bags just to learn. I was cutting corners everywhere I could, including my tags. My grandma (who has passed away since) taught me to do, what I think is called a backstitch when I was about 8. She was sewing a very special apron for me and was showing me the fine details of how to do it.
So one day I pulled out some muslin and thread and starting stitching. I had read online to print out your letters on the computer and then trace them onto your muslin. So I tried it and it worked! I made about 100 that way and soon enough I was able to just free hand the tags. None of them are the same. In fact, they probably look different from my tags 3 years ago, but they are made by me...every single part of the bag is made by me. I like that!
It's a process though. They begin in a large strip and then I cut them down and store them in this jar (the same jar I showed you last year). It just sits on my shelf.
And then eventually that tag finds a home inside one of my bags. Now, isn't that just an exciting process? I knew you'd enjoy it! Lol! OK, so really, I love this process and I don't think I'll ever just order tags because it's so enjoyable. It forces me to slow down and enjoy what I'm doing and I remember a little piece of my Grandma Keller at the same time. :)
BTW, I'm inviting you all to come follow me on Twitter! It's lots of fun and I make a fool of myself all the time because I'm not always understanding what I'm doing. But it's come play along!


The Quilted Fish said...

Okay. I want a Tiffany bag. BAD. If I pay you, will you make one out of my fabric? I promise to love it and take care of it AND blog about it. In fact, if I paid you would you make two? I could do one for me and one for a giveaway. How much do you charge? Maybe I should find that out before I start spending all of my money! But I am totally serious. I really do want a Tiffany bag. I need one of those labels in my life!

shareenspace said...

Tiff, I love the labels! I do I do! Hey, I got to sit by you and watch you stitch them--How lucky am I? Luvin you!!!

Brad said...

Lovely labels! I love reading this kind of article and viewing their crafts. You guys have so many ideas. Very creative!
Brad Fallon

Greene Family said...

I love your labels, and I love that every part of your bags is made by you! You are so talented, my friend! I'm sure your Grandma is smiling every time you make a tag!