Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day!

I'm still not sure (at the ripe old of 28) how I feel about Valentine's Day. I kinda think it's silly and I kinda think it's sweet. Maybe by 50 I'll have made my decision. I do know that there are many things I love though:
1. I love my little boys and my older boy.
2. I love sewing (as I learned after a whole week without my machine).
3. I love to throw things away (random I know, but it feels so good).
4. I love making hearts out of playdough with my kids.
5. I love getting packages in the mail!
6. I love having my husband home on his days off.
7. I love my family and friends.
8. I love chocolate and diet coke.
9. I love to shop.
10. I love to love and be loved. :)
Tell me, what do you love?


Lee and Roni Poston said...

And when my 11 year old can do things without being asked :)
Glad you are back! Now we can get busy. I still have a bad case of the sewing bug

Romberg Family said...

LOL i love throwing things away too!! :)

Devon. Kelcie. Ashlyn said...

I love my family, most of all my little family of three. I also love a hot bath and a clean bathroom. I love love a foot rub and when Ashlyn goes to sleep fast!

Kim said...

I love my Preston, my family and my friends. I am also a person who loves to throw things away. (I hate clutter). I love shopping and finding a great deal, decorating my house and baking with Preston. I love taking pictures documenting our lives. I love American Idol, Glee, Gossip Girl and Grey's. I love root beer and coffee and spaghetti and real bagels. I love New York and the Yankees and the Giants. Ok I'll stop now!

Brad said...

I love my sons, my family and my work.

Brad Fallon

shareenspace said...

It's tough having you leave--miss you & love you ! You're so talented!

Greene Family said...

I love my boys (all 3), family, and friends! I love lazy days with my boys and days at the park with them. I too love to throw things away (I have been in declutter mode since Christmas). I love living in an area with four seasons, and can't wait for spring. I love chocolate. I love having such talented friends like you! I love watching Simon and Jude play together and watching how excited they both get over the littlest things!