Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A work in progress.

Well, we're getting there. This room may not look like much, but compared to where we started it's a complete transformation. We still have the base boards, doors and outlets to finish up before I can decorate the room anymore, but I thought I'd show you how it's coming (I also wanted a record of it for myself).
The boys quilts were finished on Christmas Eve, but I'm so glad they're done. Roni and I were able to sneak over to our friend Carma's house and use her quilt machine (thank you so much Carma! the boys really miss you).
Ruger begged and begged Jason to let him pull the train table back out of storage and Jason finally caved...I forgot what a wonderful toy it is! :) I'm in love with this carpet, prior to this we had green checkers and green walls (it was a sight to see). I've never felt so grateful for flooring...I love it!
And a shot with the window. I had just enough backing from Sawyer's quilt to make some little curtains. And Ruger has discovered that if he hangs the monster pillow on his bed post that he can hide his leapster and many other goodies at bedtime...sneaky guy! Hopefully I'll have more to show you soon, however, if I have to make the top bunk again, I may go into labor. Have a good one!


Lee and Roni Poston said...

Ha serious! Who ever invented the TOP bunk must have been a psycho, or a complete genius. :)Thats the only bed in the whole house Gunnar sleeps in lately. Also even if you don't make the bed again for oh, like 6 months no body is judging the pregnant lady

Jeff & Ashlee Olsen & Family said...

It's turned out so cute Tiff! I love their cute little quilts. Good job!!!

Betsy said...

I think the top bunk in our house is made for about 8 hours a month. And only when I'm not pregnant -- so yeay for you! :) I love the quilts. The room is coming along so cute. I need to come visit!!

Greene Family said...

There room is looking so cute - love their quilts! I'm impressed you made the top bunk!
I bet Ruger is having a lot of fun with the train table being back out! My boys play at the their train table pretty much every day.

shareenspace said...

I love what you have done. The quilts are adorable! Don't worry about the top bunk --especially right now!

Camille said...

Amen to that! I had no idea how hard it was to make a bunk bed until it was too late. Gosh I hate changing the sheets on that thing.

Cute bed, love those quilts!