Friday, January 14, 2011

Cupid's Messenger Bags

One of my favorite holidays is Valentine's Day! I love it because it doesn't matter if I make it a big deal or not. If I want to buy my kids a balloon and call it good then I can or I can make them something super cute and fill it with goodies that they don't need. :) This year I thought I could help you make your children's V's Day
a little more enjoyable too!
Hop on over to my shop to purchase these little messenger bags!
There's no pattern (not yet anyway), just the bags and if you order more than one
your shipping is still only $2! Yay!
I have three listed right now and I will be working on more soon!
Happy Valentine's Day!


shareenspace said...

So absolutely darling!! Love them!

Greene Family said...

These bags are so adorable!! I love that about Valentine's Day too - doesn't matter if you make a big deal of the holiday or not.
Happy Valentine's Day! I'm sure your boys will love their messenger bags with goodies! I know Simon and Jude would be so excited to see them on Valentine's Day!