Sunday, November 14, 2010

Once there was a snowman.

It snows here...a lot! And my boys love it because they get to build snowmen with their daddy! Mom takes pictures and makes hot chocolate with our super cool hot chocolate machine that Aunt Betsy gave us!
Can you find our dog in the picture above?
This snowman has become our best friend and very worst nightmare! Everytime I walk out the back door I think it's a person and I scream. Nice, I know.


Lee and Roni Poston said...

Ha it's like your pet squirrel u used to have. No wait that was a boogie man :) jk. Think of Mr snowman as your guardian angle watching over u come and go. Love ya

Betsy said...

PERFECT pictures!! Love, love, love them. But not snow. :)

Hillary said...

Ok those are the most adorable pics!!! And I couldn't help giggling! I'd be screaming to!

Greene Family said...

Adorable pictures!! You can tell all three of your boys had a blast building that snowman!
Too funny - I would do the same when walking about my back door! :)