Monday, November 15, 2010

The Tiny Clutch!

This tiny clutch is full of personality and is so simple to make. It's the perfect Christmas gift for anyone on your list. It works for all ages and is so simple and quick to sew! Seriously...maybe an hour...maybe.
This bag is perfect for the tiny things: wallet, keys, notepad, pen, sunglasses, etc. Or as one store owner said, they're packing their lunch in this clutch! Great idea right? I could even see my 12 year old niece, Kate, using this to pack her lunch inside her Darling Bag.
And yes, it's true, I didn't carry the Tiny Clutch this week. However, I know someone who did! :)

My sister Lesli, is very particular about the decisions she makes...she's much more organized than I am. She decided that she wanted a Tiny Clutch to go inside her matching Fabulous Bag. She keeps the clutch filled with diapers and wipes on a typical day, but then when she goes out with the ladies, she ditches the diapers for the necessities. Clever, right?

So hop on over to my shop for a tiny discount a pick up your very own Tiny Clutch pattern!

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Greene Family said...

This is the best clutch! Love it!