Monday, September 27, 2010

Preschool and Cleveland Part 1

Oh wow, I still can't believe this guy is 5! Because of our shocking turn of events last year with the hearing aids, we decided to keep Ruger in pre-school for one more year. So again, we have his "first day of preshool pics. " Isn't he a little stud?

Did I say little? I meant BIG stud! Look how tall he is? I mean, yes, I'm short, but he's still so tall! Dad had to work this day, but we had Grandma W. in town to snap pics for us. Ruger is looooving his new preschool. So much, that I can get him to make his bed, brush his teeth, and do his chores without even a whimper before school. Which makes me love his preschool too!

Ruger attended exactly 3 days of preschool before we headed off to Ronis. We had a blast with the Postons and will do it again in a heart beat (notice I said will)! We woke up every morning, showered, sent the kids off to school, and then sewed or shopped the day away. We spent little time primping, because we felt it was a waste of valuable time...and what's the point in a west-coast girl even trying to fix her hair while visiting the east coast (not to mention the fact that I'm attempting to grow out my hair so I can be Velma for Halloween)?

Between the 2 of us we made 6 pairs of pj bottoms, 4 bags, a camera strap, a diaper savvy, 10 halloween totes, an apron, some flowers, a halloween wreath, 2 wallets, a Thomas costume, and patched a pair of jeans in the two weeks I was there. Sewww worth it! I remember taking about 20 pics while I was there, but when I came home I had 240...some were of leaves and some of feet....I'm assuming that someone was comparing our new cameras (she got a Nikon and I got a Canon...mine's better). haha! Oh yes, this photo is real...sadly! We made this mess over and over again, but what fun it was!
And because you kind of sort of got to see the bag I've carried for three weeks, I am going to do FREE U.S. SHIPPING on everything in my shop for one whole week! So hurry, hurry! Happy Monday!


Lindsay said...

What a cutie pie :)

spatig fam said...

Ok since my church partener in crime lives 4 hours away and has just gotten back from Cleveland I need to vent......Tanner's IEP today and guess what?????? He needs a hearing aid in his right ear now..... WHY?? WHY couldnt they have does them both at the same time????
Miss you and looks like you had fun!!! We want bags----

shareenspace said...

Those pics are so cute and Roni, look adorable! Can't believe how big Ruger is getting!

Greene Family said...

Cute pics - love all of the descriptions! You and Roni certainly were productive! What a fun trip! I can't wait to see your new designs!
Ruger is a big stud! That's awesome that he is so good with brushing his teeth and doing his chores! Hope he has a fun school year!

Wrightpost said...

What a great place to visit! Will spend a lot of time browsing when I catch up here. You look great! Your items are darling!