Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birthday Wrap-Up!

This year I felt like the birthdays just went on and on and on! I had a little party planned for both of the boys, but it couldn't be done until after their birthdays. So on their birthdays we did things as a family, which now I think we just did too much! Oh well. :)I had planned for a little birthday party in the backyard where the kids could play on the swing set and trampoline. I even made banners...but then it poured rain. Within two minutes the food was being rushed inside and we had to do our little BBQ in the kitchen. Again, oh well. The kids had a great time with their friends. I wasn't able to catch very many pictures amongst all of the excitement, so you'll have to settle with these shots of the boys and their sticky faces. Next party, that's it! I think. We'll see. I'm really indecisive.P.S. Remember that "vacation" I mentioned? It's a go! I purchased the tickets last week for a luxurious two week getaway to Cleveland, Ohio for me and the munchkins...we will be staying at Hotel Roni, where the food is amazing, entertainment is unreal, and the chocolate stash is just fantastic. :) Can't wait!


Lindsay said...

Horray for a vacation! You lucky girl :)

Destini said...

Cute pictures! It's hard not to overdo birthdays! How awesome that you and the kiddos get to go stay with Roni for a couple weeks!!

Jeff & Ashlee Olsen & Family said...

How fun! I can't wait to see pictures from your trip!

Greene Family said...

Ruger and Sawyer are too cute!! It sounds like they had a great time celebrating their birthdays! We overdo birthdays here too and celebrate for a week, which was tough this year with mine and Jude's birthdays 5 days apart.
I'm like you on being indecisive with the one party for the boys next year. Although their birthdays are 5 weeks apart, I keep thinking that it would be so much easier to have the one party in between the two birthdays. We'll see though!
YAY for a two week luxurious vacation to Hotel Roni!! Have a great time! Can't wait to see pictures and read your stories from the trip!