Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cleveland, Part 2

While we were visiting the Postons, we had the chance to go to the biggest park my children have ever seen, Preston's Hope. My children were in heaven! I lost Ruger at one point as he was just wondering and enjoying himself. A few of Roni's friends were able to come with their families and it was so great getting to know them all.
Gabbi found the sand to be quite tasty! Yummy!
You know who my hooligans are above and below.
The Gomer and his wife
Princess Hannah
And well, what can we was a long day. No wait, this pic was before we left. Ha! I just remembered that! Sorry, too lazy to put these in chronological order. :)


Alex said...

Hey Tiffany,
in response to your comment on my blog, yes we do take Anaïs to Shriners in Salt Lake. We now live in Park City and love it!

Kim said...

I just read your two posts. Ruger is so big. Also because my almost five year old is not average height! LOL! I am so happy he is loving preschool. How cool that you got to be with Roni for so long. That's awesome! So your kids went to school too? Awesome.

Saimi said...

Hey first and foremost your kids are absolutely adorable!! Your little guy is just too cute!

My son who works with your husband sent me your blog, hope you don't mind me stopping by!

His name is Emerson.

Greene Family said...

Your and Roni's kids are all so adorable!! Looks like a great park and lots of fun!