Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meet Katie!

We're quickly approaching Sawyer's 2nd Birthday and it's amazing to me to look at just how far we've come. Since Sawyer's diagnosis we've had the craziest ride of our lives, but things really seem to be settling down. Even though I have Achondroplasia myself, it was still such a shock when Sawyer was born and I new quickly that I needed support. I remember getting online and googling "Achondroplasia moms" and suddenly I was introduced into a whole new world of mothers...well, friends now. One of which that I stumbled across is Katie. When I was doing the fundraiser for Shriners Katie offered her support by designing an entire blog for me. And since then, she's created my TS blog design, which I looove!
My goal on this blog isn't just to sell patterns and bags, but it's also to help mothers see that everyone has something that they're going through and with that we all have talents to share.
This is Katie's story:
I've always been a craft person growing up! I loved to scrapbook since high school. After having my son Cole and finding out he has achondroplasia I was sort of thrown into a whole new world. I was introduced to the blogging community through another mom with an achondroplasia child. I decided to give it [blogging] a try and the rest is history. I'm completely self taught and have spent many hours learning about blog design. I still have so much to learn, but I completely love it! As I said before my husband and I have one son named Cole. He was born with a skeletal dysplasia called Achondroplasia, which is the most common form of dwarfism. We were completely shocked to find out half way through my pregnancy that there was a big possibility that our child would be a little person. Does it run in our family? No. 80% of all cases of Achondroplasia are babies born to average height adults. There was a gene mutated at conception which caused Cole to have this condition. We love him so much and he has opened the door to a whole new world to us. I have countless numbers of friends with people I would have never known. It's a great community and we call ourselves family.
So go check out her blog, the Polka Dot Pig, shop around, and while you're there grab her button!

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