Monday, August 3, 2009

I'll Be Seeing You...

So here's the truth. People make fun of us for being best friends, probably because we're no longer 13. But we didn't know each other back then, so that's just not fair, we have to be friends now! I've learned a lot about myself since I met Roni and she's taught me so many things, like:
  • Never leaving Old Navy without purchasing several bouncy balls for my children's entertainment.
  • Opening crackers in the grocery store before purchasing them (I know I'm going to pay for them, but the whole idea that I haven't purchased them yet is still a little foreign to me).
  • Always trusting my advice, because I'm always right!
  • Fraying my jeans and cuffing them (We know we look rediculous...people tell us that, but it's comfortable).
  • Haggling at yard sales.
  • Always looking for our initials or names on key chains or decor.
  • Sneaking ziplock bags of popcorn and soda into the movie theater.
  • Calling Roin's mom at all hours of the night for quilt measurements (we're not very good at that) and Kay, you work for me now, so there's no escaping me!
  • Thinking we're hilarious, even though we're not.
  • Standing up for myself and refusing to be pushed around.
  • The MSG...Apparently that's just what we are! HA!
  • Throwing stupid Halloween Parties (actually I may never do that again).
  • Keeping up on HSM and Hannah Montana just so I can understand her conversations with Emma.
  • Hershey's Cookies and Cream and Diet Soda!
  • Huge sunglasses.
  • Children's clearance sections.
  • We're totally different, but completley the same. For example, I dream of being a Rock Star, whereas she dreams of being a Vampire. It's not the dream that brings us together, it's the fact that we dream!

Four years ago she taught me how to sew my very first bag, and clearly that was a great lesson for me to learn. She also gave me some rediculously amazing fabric for Christmas last year and I made that into the Glam Bag...imagine where I'd be without that bag? I think people are in our lives for a reason and clearly Roni's made a significant difference in mine. So even though I kicked her trash in the bag competition, let's not forget who brought me to where I am today! I love you Roni and this town is totally boring and lame without you! Come home soon!

BAG A: Roni BAG B: Tiffany

BTW, throwdown bags are due today and I must say we have some serious competition on our hands so far!

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Tate, MeriBeth & Presdee said...

Hey Tiffany,
I posted my bag on my blog.Oh and about that romaine we will have to get some another day.