Saturday, February 7, 2009


I love Valentine's Day! My children love it too, because I spoil them with candy! If I had a little girl, this is what I would make for her! You can order these now for your little girls, or for other occassions as well. Inspired by my little niece, Macy! She's a pro with matching her reds and pinks!


Anonymous said...

hi! i love your bags! i was wondering how much for the glamorous bag on the top left? also, would you be interested in teaching me or putting on a class??

Tiffany said...

What kind of class are you thinking or what are you wanting to learn? Email me and we can talk some more. I don't post prices because my items change so frequently.

Neighbor Debbie said...

Those are some realy cute purses. I know my 18yr old daughter would LOVE them. You do some beautiful work. I came by your blog by way of "Its all about the Frosting"