Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip to Shriners

 This weekend was a crazy one. We headed to Salt Lake for Sawyer and Remi's annual checkup. Both checked out well. Thankfully no surgery for Sawyer again this year. Whew! And Remi's back is a little out of shape, but with therapy it should work itself out. The doctors were so wonderful once again. I was sad to hear that we had missed seeing my old doctor by one day, maybe next year?

They always spoil the kids when we visit this hospital. This time the boys walked away with bags (literally) of goodies and activities and they were all covered in stickers by the time we left. Just goes to show that there are really good people in the world.

 After our long visit was over, we had lunch in the cafeteria because the kids were so hungry they couldn't wait to drive somewhere else. Yum. ;) Here's Remi using a high chair just like a big girl! Can you believe it? Sheesh time flies!
 We stayed at Aunt Carlin and Uncle Troy's, where I saw very littke of the boys because they were being enteretained by all of their wonderful cousins. :) Thanks guys!
 The next day we headed to Boise to see more family and then back home. It was a great getaway and good to get caught up with everyone. Also very grateful to have been away from home when the snow hit. I was not about to put my flip flops away. haha.

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Ashley Sullenger said...

Glad everything went well!

Devon. Kelcie. Ashlyn said...

The kids are so cute! I am glad everybody is doing good. I sure miss you, I need to squeeze Remi's cute cheeks!

Cherisa Spatig said...

Glad everything went well.. Too bad we didnt hook up I was in Salt Lake! Dang-it!.
By the way LOVE my Poppins bag!!!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

New to your blog. Just wanted to say hello! I am Leslie.... Mother to beautiful Lyla (19 month Achon) and Emma (4 year old AH). Your children are beautiful!! And so are you! You are very talented!