Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I think that with our random snow falling last week, that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus got a little confused. It seems to me as though these Easter baskets were a little more full than usual...hmmm..
Remi received her first baby doll and she loves it!
 The boys each got new bikes because they had outgrown their old ones. For some reason Sawyer was given a horn with his, I'm thinking the dog will get a hold of it soon and it will be really sad...maybe?
 And the night before Easter Ruger lost TWO teeth! Can you believe it? He was so excited! He asked me to start wiggling his other teeth. lol! He didn't even remember that it was Easter, he flipped his pillow over so fast looking for the money from the tooth fairy. I love it! This kid is hilarious! He's never excited about what we think he will be. And what does he plan to buy with his money? Well, popcorn of course! Ha!
We woke up really early (5:30) so Jason could celebrate with us! He had to work. bleh. So all of my pics are a little dark, sorry about that. It was a great day though and the best part was when we asked the kids why we celebrate Easter? They answered, "Jesus". :) I love watching them learn and grow. They are absorbing so much right now, I can hardly keep up with them!
So, there you have it! Happy late Easter!

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shareenspace said...

Easter is always such a fun time and it looks like your family really had fun! A new doll & new bikes- how exciting can it be? And to lose two teeth besides! Live you all!