Friday, September 30, 2011

Inch Worm Tutorial-ish

 (Keep reading to find out about this "Delight!"-ful bundle)

OK, I am calling this a tutorial-ish, because I'm giving you the instructions on how to make the inch worm costume, but I don't have any pictures for you. Bummer. I made this back in 2008 for my little guy Sawyer and it was so stinkin' easy that I thought maybe I'd share it with you. And since this is a tutorial you can't get mad at my "-ish" instructions. :)

This tutorial uses a 1/2" seam allowance and the measurements listed are for a 12 month size.

Materials Needed:
  • A green or yellow onesie/tee the size of your baby (12 months shown in picture).
  • 1/2 yard green minkie or stretchy fabric of some sort
  • 1/2 yard yellow minkie or stretchy fabric of some sort
  • 12" of elastic
  • craft wire (something sort of flimsy)
  • a beanie that fits your babies head
  1. You're going to cut off the bottom of your onesie or tee. Measure from the front neckline down 5" and cut.
  2. Cut two 5" by 21" strips of green fabric. Cut two 5" by 21" strips of yellow fabric.
  3. Sew the strips together lengthwise, yellow, green, yellow, green.
  4. Fold the bottom of the green piece under 1" and top stitch.
  5. Run elastic through the fold and sew down at each end.
  6. Fold strips in half lengthwise and right sides together. Line up seams and sew down long edge.
  7. Line up side seam of body piece (your strips) with side seam of onesie right sides together and sew around edge. This completes the inch worm body!
  8. Now the hat. Lay your beanie flat onto a piece of paper and trace it leaving a 1/2" seam allowance around the edges.
  9. Cut 2 green pieces and 2 yellow pieces using your paper pattern.
  10. Cut two 4" by 7" green pieces for your antenna. Fold each piece in half lengthwise and sew one short edge and one long edge leaving the bottom open.
  11. Cut two 6" pieces of wire and slide one piece into each antenna, curving the bottom ends of the wires as to not poke your child.
  12. Stuff each antenna with batting until firm, with extra at the bottom under the wire and sew them shut.
  13. Measure 2" to the right from the top center of one of the green hat pieces and top stitch the end of antenna to the edge of the hat piece. Make sure your antenna is facing DOWN. Measure 2" to the left from the top center of the same green hat piece and repeat with second antenna.
  14. With the antenna still facing DOWN, pin both green hat pieces right sides together and sew around the curve, leaving straight edge open. Repeat with yellow hat pieces.
  15. Place yellow hat piece inside of green hat piece, right sides together (with antenna tucked inside) and pin straight edges together. Sew around the entire base of the hat, leaving a 2" opening to turn. Turn hat right sides out through the 2" opening and handstitch opening closed. 
  16. And now you have a really cute Halloween costume for your baby!

Wasn't that sew easy? Seriously anyone can make an inch worm costume! And now that you love me so much for sharing this tutorial with you and for reading this whole post I'm going to fill you in on a little secret! Shhh... You see that fat quarter bundle down there? Yes, that one down there!
A good friend of mine designed this fabric and next week I get to give it to one of YOU! Yes, that's right! One of YOU! YIPPEE!!! Can you imagine all the wonderful things you could make with that many fat quarters? I certainly can! Sheesh! OK, so here's your check list for the weekend:
  • Make an inch worm (or even a bumblebee...that'd be cute too!) for a precious baby you know!
  • Think of something fabulous you can make with a whole bundle of fat quarters!
  • Come back next week to enter a "Delight!-ful" giveaway!
That's not too hard, right? Ok, have a great weekend and I'll see you next week! ;)


shareenspace said...

I love the colors in that bundle and the inchworm is so adorable!!

carrie said...

that looks like a really fun bundle. Oh the things I could make!!