Friday, September 9, 2011

One more. I can't resist!

 Allow me to introduce our pal Simon. This insanely handsome little guy is getting lots of attention on facebook and now so is my inbox! I've never actually met Simon, but I have conversed with his mom, Jenn through tons and tons of emails (Happy Birthday Jenn!) and we have become great friends. It's hard not too when we have such cute boys the very same age! Simon is sporting the Owl Pack to preschool this year and I have to say that the pack looking this adorable on a child, was far from my imagination when I designed it! I love, love, love it! And I love, love, love this guy!
Thanks Simon for making this little business of mine look so good! Especially since, my little guy refused to wear something that didn't involve Thomas to school (more on that later). Love you guys!

**EDIT: Hey all of you that commented or emailed about being pattern testers, I'm interested in your info. So shoot me an email (if you haven't already) and we'll chat. Thanks!


Kristy said...

Seriously TOO CUTE!!! :)

Greene Family said...

Look at that cute little model! :) You are right - we have cute boys! He absolutely loves his owl pack!! He tries to wear it in his car seat to which we have a long conversation that it is safer to hold it on his lap and then he can put it back on after we get out of the car.
Aww - Thank you for the birthday wishes and for being such a great friend!! I can't wait to meet you guys in person someday! Love you guys! Simon sends big hugs and kisses!

Cheme' said...

I would love to be a pattern tester! I live in Rigby and see your stuff at Abbotts all the time. I love your bags! I don't know your email, but mine is Thanks!

shareenspace said...

So very cute!!

Mathews Family Blog said...

I would LOVE to pattern test. I am from Menan, and am currently kinda "stuck" in Georgia for a very short time, so I don't get to make it "home" before we move on to the next place. I would LOVE to take on a project right now as all of my kids, sob, are in school and the "baby" is in full day kindergarden now, and I am a little beside myself.