Monday, August 23, 2010

My Jumbo Glam Bag

This week I will dust off (or perhaps I tossed it in the wash and hung it out to dry) the old Glam Bag! I will not show you a current picture because this poor bag has been abused and mostly, because it hasn't been ironed yet...but I assure you that it will be ironed and drug around town this week and there will be smashed crackers in the bottom of it by the end of the day. If we're lucky we will avoid all spilled beverages this week. ;)
I am so grateful for this bag and I know that sounds crazy because it's a bag, but if I could only tell you the relationship I've made with this bag. It has literally taken me the distance business wise and has given me every ounce of accomplishment that I dare to dream.
This bag was the second bag design that came to my mind and after a few rough drafts we were able to bring a simple sketch to life. This bag has two inner pockets, one large outer pocket and magnetic snap closure. The removable bow allows you to dress it up or dress it down and the comfy straps make it perfect for every occasion. I've learned that the bag can be made in any color, but black & white are most definetly it's most attractive combo. :)
I've broken many hearts by refusing to sell my one and only Tiffany Glam Bag. But how could I let it go? It has so much meaning to me.

This pattern teaches you to work with elastic, fusible fleece and snaps as well. And I've been told that the best part about this pattern is that their mistakes are easily hidden within the scrunching of the bag. ;) I've listed ONE pre-made bag (below) in my shop at a tiny discount:
There are still kits available and for a short time the pattern is listed at a discounted price! So hurry on over and pick up a glam bag of your very own or make one for yourself! Happy Monday!

***One more thing...I forgot to mention that my custom slots are all filled up. However, I have started a waiting list. If you'd like to get on that list just send me an email. :)


Destini said...

I love both of my Jumbo Glam Bags! If I hadn't just spent a small fortune on school clothes for the kiddos, I would add that one as a third, love the fabric!

Greene Family said...

This bag is the next one that I was going to order! :) Bummer that your slots filled up already, but I'll have to send you a message to add me to your waiting list!
What a special bag! I do love your one and only Tiffany Glam Bag!