Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cuteness: according to me.

Tonight we sat around watching as my husband set up the new swing set for the boys. We had a yard sale awhile back and sold some pretty large items (like the treadmill that I begged my husband for and only used three times) and decided that we'd put all of our summer earnings towards a new swingset for the boys. They did help earn the money and being that it's also their birthday time, we donated a little to make up the difference and called it one great BIG happy birthday present!
I am highly out-numbered in my little family and therefore all activities seem to consist of tools and trucks of some sort. The boys love it when Jason has a project to work on because they get to play with all of his stuff. :)
And the dog? Well, he's getting a little old and requires a lot of rest these days.
Be back soon!


Destini said...

I bet they are having a blast playing on their new swingset! I am so loving the photo of Ruger with Sawyer in the background - he is definitely standing there looking adorable!

Jenny said...

Good Luck Dad!

Greene Family said...

Yay for pictures of your adorable boys! Love the one of Sawyer in the background looking so adorable! What a great birthday present for them - I bet they are loving it! Hhmmm . . . tools and trucks sound SO familiar! :)