Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hurry Home!

So life has been a rollercoaster lately. We've had grown-up decisions to make, babies to love and take care of, a house to clean, refridgerators to buy (we're on #3 this year), a mama to miss, hubbie's papers to edit, you know how it goes. And while none of it is tragic, sometimes life just gets full and the load seems heavy and so you remember the good times. Where there's always someone that remembers you and understands your troubles and keeps her cupboard stocked with cookies n' cream candy bars just for you (b/c you don't buy those things for yourself). And when that person's gone you feel a void and she just can't be you wait out the four long years (3 more to go) for her hubbie to finish med school and you be really supportive, minus the venting on your blog. And while it's so entertaining to share those massive amounts of texts a month and hear your hubbie say, "I'll listen to you." It's just...not...the same!


Little Lady Patchwork said...

Great to see both of you! I understand completely.

Lee and Roni Poston said...

Tiff that was just what I needed. I was sitting here planning Hannah's Bday party and making a centerpiece, and I thought to myself, " I wish Tiff was here to tell me this looks like crap!" :)

I haven been planning parties and having people over for dinner, trying to pass the time, and it works. Time is flying by but there is still such a huge void. I wish you were the one here having dinner parties and making plans with me. I miss having my best friend (down the street)!

Oh, and Hi to you stefanie! Hope things are good with you. :)

Jenny said...

Oh, you made me so sad. I totally lost my best friend a few years ago. She didn't move. I lost her. I am still so sad. So enjoy the texting and that you can still have something.

Greene Family said...

I hope the three years go by quickly for you both (although then your adorable kiddos growing up too quickly)! I can just imagine all of the texts and phone calls you two make!
Wow - fridge #3!