Thursday, January 28, 2010


  • I did not say a single bad word (like I ever do that anyway).
  • I made chicken noodle soup in the crock pot!
  • I mopped half of my living room floor (then the kids came in).
  • Ruger had his first play date in a long time...that was fun!
  • Sawyer did not take a nap and has yet to be grumpy.
  • Jason stayed home and was grumpy.
  • I went to start my dishes three times and got distracted each time.
  • I found 5 bouncy balls under the couch (hmmm...)
  • I managed to break both our new tv and dvd player...oops!
  • We ditched our satellite and went for netflix (totally worth it).
  • Jason finalized his submissions to get his Master's degree...yipee!

And now I'm off to get my hair done. I will post pics of the kiddos again...once I capture a photo of them clothed!


spatig fam said...

My day was NOTHING like yours and I am very jealous!!!!
*Didnt get a good morning nap, Tayson was awake when I got home and Yes I too was GRUMPY!
*I bought chinese for dinner
*walked passed the dirty clothes pile 5 times and guess what it is still there.....
Hope to talk to you soon.We need to get the boys together again that was alot of fun!!!!

Lee and Roni Poston said...

Post a pic of of the hair too please! :)

Kim said...

Here is my list
Today I
Was woken up by a very excited little boy
Had pumpkin pancakes
Watched the snow come down
Ran out in the snow to fetch the mail
Still have not gotten out of my pjs
Yay for a snow day!
Congrats also to you for getting accepted to the quilting conference! That is awesome!

Greene Family said...

Sounds like a good day! Chicken noodle soup sounds really good on a day like today. We have just been curled up on the couch watching the snow fall most of the day. :)

Melda said...

You are so dang cute and funny! That is why you are such a special friend!