Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 For Remi's ONE year birthday we had a strawberry theme, because she's our little shortcake! She loved everything, except the cake. Apparently, she's not really a cake fan. Luckily, we had lots of other goodies for her.
 Remi you are all smiles, all the time. You make everyone smile! Your still as petite as ever, with the mushiest chub roles ever! I love your sweet laugh and your crazy flexibility. I'm not sure why, but you prefer your daddy over me any day! You love dogs and puppies. You still do the army crawl, but will occasionally get into crawling position. You pull yourself up to things and stand and walk around them very slowly. You love other babies! Your hair has started to grow out in back a little and you have the sweetest ringlets. Baths are your absolute favorite thing in the world! If you get anywhere near the bathroom you get really excited and sign, "More" over and over until I put you in the tub. And for some strange reason, you love to watch, "Phineas and Ferb." Which I'm certain is completely age appropriate for you...not! But it's your favorite and you'll sit there through an entire episode without even budging. You are the only one who can wake your daddy up with a smile and you have managed to get everything you want from your big brothers. The cutest and my most favorite thing about you are your dancing skills! I have no idea how you've learned the moves you have (because you certainly didn't get them from your dad or me) but you sure can shake it and bop it. I will play Taylor Swift all day long if it means I get to watch you dance! I love you sweet Remi Jean! You sure do make us happy!..


Romberg Family said...

She is so adorable!! Happy Birthday Cutie!

Love your new blog title too!

Betsy said...

Dang, she's cute!!!